Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert M. Pirsig

What a wonderful book and written so excellently. Quality drips from every page (hahaha..pun intended). But truly, it is a special book by, I suppose, a special person.

Metaphysic of Quality and how it all started in the mind of one man, who even went insane for his ideas about the world. True philosopher .

I can’t wait to get to Lila, its sequel. That should say how much I like it.


Fooled By Randomness – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I finished reading this book today. I have to say that it is a new and interesting area that he is writing about. Being a student of Statistics, I was able to find things of interest in the book and was wonderfully and pleasantly surprised at a few points. Overall, it was a good experience reading it and I suppose exactly the kind that I wanted to read at this point of time. Good time spent with it over the weekend.

I am finding that all the authors of good books have been voracious readers in their times. I mean that everyone does their homeworks. It is inspiring. I have not read “Black Swan” by the same author. I might try. Depends.

The difficulty is not in learning, it is neither in failing to learn. It is difficult when you learn that you have failed to learn or when you learn that you have learned to fail, which is mostly one and the same thing.

The circle is vicious but by no means unescapable. All it needs is a lot of passion and determination and one helluva hard work drive.

Hail Passion!

Theory and Empiricism

I created a huge fuss when I did not use to get the concept or the theory behind a problem and I felt that I was really stupid for not getting things. I still do that a lot to myself. ie declare myself stupid most of the times.

But today, while doing some random stuff, I realized that hey! it is not so bad after all. Most of the time theory comes after empiricism. From the mistakes made there and the right things done. It does come after experiments. And it is after all, okay, to not get the theory at the beginning and form it after the experiments are done. It would certainly be best if one knew all theory before doing something. But the conclusion is that it is fine to not know all theory certainly beforehand. It is OK to experiment and based on the results draw the conclusions 🙂

I am more at peace with theorizing than actually experimenting. That is one more conclusion!

Why am I so sad?

I do not know. Honestly. I always used to say and follow that “there is nothing to be sad about…no difficulty too big”. But I have forgotten that and gotten into the mode where “there is nothing to be happy about and even simple things are one hell of a difficulty.” It is ridiculous. If anything, I am better off today than I was a year or two ago. But my woes are that I could have been in a much better situation which is really pointless. Bemoaning something is not going to solve anything. I have mourned the loss enough. It is time to gear up and move on. No second thoughts, no second valuations. Nothing .


I do not watch movies anymore. I hardly follow news. I have almost given up blogging. Reading is on a standstill. I do not enhance my academic knowledge per se. I do not sleep more than 7 hours, even on weekends. I do not play. I do not do any creative activity. I do not travel. What do I do??

I work. As a software engineer. From 10 to 8. Everyday.

I do not like this !

Being passionate

Being passionate has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, from what I have seen, if you are passionate, you are one of the lucky few in this world. I believe that those who have found a passion to live for have found the meaning of life and gained spiritual nirvana. That goes so against the philosophy of Buddhist nirvana right?? But when the blood is hot and spirit young, I think a cause or a passion and a single steel minded dedication towards it does the trick. It provides a purpose and gathers your thoughts.

If there has ever been a successful person, he/she has had the passion to do something. Those goasl may vary from time to time and change radically but the determination stays. For me, one whose life is passionate has got a life which is worth living for.

I wish to have a well lived life.