What makes an artist?

What makes a person an artist?

Is it the talent to draw, write, paint, act, sing, dance, capture moments or elocute? Is it the desire to see the beauty in the world? Or, is it the desire to uncover the darkness? Is it the ability to foresee things untold, to envision future in various forms? Or, is it the extreme sense of creation, to give birth to something?

Whatever it is, being an artist certainly forces one to think, to go deep within oneself and ask questions whose answers might warm your heart or be downright ugly or which are even answerless. Being an artist makes you be honest to yourself.


It’s not about teaching, it’s about inspiring, it’s about rousing the curiosity!

The essence is (so precisely and beautifully put down by Antoine de Saint-Exupery)  :

‘ If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea’.

It is this sentence and the spirit of it which makes me believe in the vision I have. I know this to be true because I have felt so. When I work because of my curiosity and inquisitiveness, I learn so much more, not only quntitatively but also qualitatively. And I know this to be true of all human beings. When you love something, you know all about it – that which is known already and may be even that which is not known.

Curiosity is a gift often unwrapped for a really long period of time. Let’s unwrap it!

आज वो आग जल उठी है

महीनों से सुलग रही थी जो
नींद से जगाने वाली
सपनों को दिखाने वाली
आग वो आज जल उठी है

सोचा था दुनिया बदलने का जो
उस जुनून को लौटने वाली
हिम्मत को बढ़ाने वाली
ज्वाला वो भभक उठी है

रुकने का ना नाम ले जो
हौसलों को सुलगने वाली
नयी दुनिया दिखाने वाली
चिंगारी वो जगमगा उठी है

महीनों से सुलग रही थी जो
नींद से जगाने वाली
सपनो को दिखाने वाली
आग वो आज जल उठी है

On a Whim, some fancies..

Last night I had time and I was feeling a little anxious so I decided to soothe myself and put that pencil on paper after a long long time. I wish I would continue to do so. I love sketching but am so poor at it. Need to sketch more often , maybe even take some lessons.

However, in the meanwhile, here is the product of my industrious 3 hours 😛 🙂

Jim Morrison – The Doors

If I had lived in his time, I would have been a groupie :D. Their music is transcendental and his eyes are so deep and meaningful.

The original picture is at: The Doors

Rabindra Nath Tagore – Poet, Artist, Intellectual

One man who was truly modern in thoughts and ideas in his time. Let’s raise a toast to his progressive thinking!

The original picture is at: Rabindra Babu

Nemo – The Fish

The orange fish :). I had simply loved the movie but more than that I loved the orange colored body of Nemo, The Fish.

The original picture is at: Nemo


Best time of my life may be past

I suppose I have already lived most of the best times of my life. Whether it is something to be happy about or sad about, I cannot decide rationally. I feel its something to be sad about. I also hope that this is not the case and that the coming years may see a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and novelty. I wish to find myself enjoying as fully as I know is possible from experience. I wish to give up this coat of carefulness and just be. I wish I could care less like I used to and be passionate as I used to.

But most of all, I wish that the fun is not over yet! The journey is going to be long and tedious. Need some serious amount of charge.