Its delicious. Scott Adams did good to create it. It is the ultimate corporate comic. It is stingy, biting, sarcastic and very very good. It is humorous on many levels. One is laughing at the stupidity of people, other is laughing at the fact that it is true in real life too.

Well, I have got to read the books by Adams now.


Nagraj comics

After many years I laid my hand yesterday on Nagraj comics and what fun it was to remember the days gone by when in summer vacations me and my brother used to befriend Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and their friends. In their power somehow lay our power and I can still recall the happiness when they finally took over the villain. If some comic was left unfinished and was to be continued, my impatience would just reach its height.

I don’t know how many Indian children read them today. Archies and foreign superheroes seem more famous and dear to them. This is sad because what they give to us is not our culture. In those Nagraj, Dhruv comics we could feel our india, today’s India, where they had supernatural powers from divine beings but were equally settled in the business world. Thats mixing Indian tradition with modernity and thats what happening today.

Well, anyway, the fact of the matter is that I am in love with nagraj all over again and am next going to read Parkale where Nagraj and Dhruv fight each other. It is going to eb interesting. 🙂