Mum and Dad

I have always felt that I am audacious, in the sense that I am not afraid of trying new things or going against the flow. I have also, always, felt good about this (one of the very few things I like about myself :P). I was just sitting and thinking today and I realized why I am such. It is because of my Mom and Dad. It is because they are audacious, forward looking people with a lot of spunk 🙂

That’s where I gained my grain from. Both, my mother and father, have travelled such a marvellous length of journey in their lives together, that it can only be called astonishing. I can write a novella, if not a novel, about it. It warms my heart to be a progeny of such a progressive pair. Indeed, that’s the word I am looking for : “progressive”. Both of them are perfectly so and constantly drive me and my brother to be so too: to be confident, audacious, forward thinking, optimistic and to break all limits.

I come from a very strong platform. I almost feel duty bound to make use of this leverage and jump high and soar. It would be regressive if I did not and therefore, I have to. How? That is to be figured.

In the meanwhile, on this Thanksgiving weekend, I thank my parents for being there for me, for shaping me into who I am and constantly inspiring me to be better.

Love and Regards,

A daughter



Sitting in India, I am having a delicious self made lunch and lying comfortably on my bed with this laptop in hand and typing this post. It is a sunny weather outside and the atmosphere is just so cool and relaxed. And this has been made possible on a Thursday because I have a holiday today. You ask why? Well, because it is Thanksgiving in the US and we have all(those in the outsourcing business) coordinated our calendars with the Americans. Funny isn’t it.

So before this day, when Thanksgiving came to me as a blessing, the only thing which I knew about it was that people eat turkeys on this day. Huge turkeys served at the family dinner table and as the name suggests give thanks. What is the history or the significance or the origin of it all is unknown to me. I made a search and found some stuff on the wiki and Check out :


Apparently, Canada and USA celebrate it on different days.

Well, whatever be it, I am pretty thankful on this thanksgiving for the 2 day holiday that I am going to enjoy.