Chip Chip Ashru Bahane Walon – Gopal Das Neeraj

This is a Hindi poem called ‘Chip Chip Ashru Bahane Walon’ by Gopal Das Neeraj. It can be read at :


Poetry – Places to Go

There are places I have to go 

I don’t know the addresses yet

but the destination is distinct.

The ways are unguided 

and shrouded in mysetry

and riddled with thorns

and plagues with deterrents 

Ain’t that the fun?

Fighting the odds?

Becoming deserving?

Struggling for more?

Indeed it is

Which is why, it’s not the 

next door I look at

but the greenery at end

and I will get there 

So holds the hope 

It will be sooner than later

It will be merrier than sadder

It will be better than ever before.

Poetry – Coming To Love

Love is such a mystery 

A weird tale

I was so afraid of it 

I ran miles away

In a land where none could come

In a land where none could see

I became invisible 

and unobservable 

and obsolete.

But somethings are meant to be 

As were you.

You could see through invisible me 

You could hear the inaudible me

You could feel the imperceptible me 

You could sense the unobservable me 

You could see through the wall

and come to me.


And when I welcomed you 

in my heart

I knew it was meant to be 

For who else but you

who could ferret the obsolete 

but be the recipient 

of years full of care and love 

of all my hopes and dreams 

Who else but you could be 

the harbinger of 

sunshine and moonlight for me!


Poetry – Before You Came

Before you came to me

I was strong

I was free

I was independent 

and I was me.


I used to think of the day 

when you would arrive

and I would stop myself 

from flying 

from trying 

from craziness 

and from being me.


Oh! How wrong 

Oh! How mistaken 

Those fears had been 

For you taught me to soar

and to conquer the world

and to go where noone has gone

and to be joyful

and to be happy 

in being me while being me.

Art of Dreaming

Some are invested in people and some in places,

Some are invested in hearts and some in faces

Some are after jewellery embroidery and laces

Some are running endless corporate races.

What is it for me?

Name, fame and fortune, or dancing to a different tune?

And who is to say what flutters my heart?

For I have realized dreaming a dream too is an art.



एक बीज मिला मुझको
मैने उसे बो दिया
थोड़ी खाद थोड़ा पानी दिया
अब अंकुर फूट रहे हैं
कुछ आकार आ रहा है!
देखना है कौन सा पेड़ है
देखना है कितनी ऊपर जाएगा 
जानना है की पत्ते हारे होंगे या पीले
फूल लाल होंगे या नीले
चिड़ियाँ चहकेंगी या कौओं की कर्र कर्र होगी
लताएँ चढ़ेंगी या लंगूर
गुलिस्ताँ बनेगा साथ में या 
सड़क का किनारा

कल क्या होगा, कैसे होगा
किसको है इशारा
वही देखना है वही जानना है
देखना है कौन सा पेड़ है
देखना है कितनी उपर जाएगा?

आशा और तितली

पहली किरण , वो ओस की बूँद
फूटता अंकुर, सर्दी की धूप
आगाज़ करे आने वेल का
संचार करे मन में आशा का!

एक अकेली तितली
ढूँढ रही उस फूल को
जिसके मधु में प्राप्त हो
सुख और शांति उस निर्मूल को!