A Room With a View- E.M. Forster

Finished this book set in the Edwardian era England about a girl, her romance, and her freedom of choice and decision making. It was a nice little light and humorous tale which dealt with really setrious topics like the women’s freedom, their repressed situation and also about passionate love rather than the convenient love. Novel ends with a happy note and is pertty optimistic. There are some hilarious scenes and comic characters. There is a lot of symbolism at work. In fact, the title itself implies about open mindedness and forward thinking.

All in all it was a fun read and threw light upon the conditions which prevailed for a woman in those years. How society was and what were the expectations is what is shown.

I feel that the story would be a brilliant script to be cast into a play or a movie. A movie has been made on it and has won awards too. Will see it sometime.


Some books and movies

Well, I read the adventures of Tom Sawyer again and relived his childhood with same fascination as I had done many years ago.

I also read Kane and Abel, which is based on some biblical characters Cain and Abel which I don’t know about much but in itself the book was thrilling and kept me interested for a long while before becoming a little burdening towards the end. Other than that, good story telling. Power hungry industrialists, their successes , their tragedies , their struggles and eventual victory make for a good story. I liked it okay!

After that I have started “A Room with a view” by E.M. Forster and somehow, I am finding it very tedious right now to wallow in the victorian age and their typical English antics. So, I have kept the book on hold for a while. I hope i will soon be able to return to it.

So, after dropping the above said book, I leapt on to some management and motivational books because they were the only ones that I had. One is “Born to Win” by Promod Batra and another called “How to get what you want to get” by Havermeyer. Well, about them all I can say is that these books suddenly lift your mood up and light that flame of enthusiasm again whenever you are able to spot a needed statement in them. But what I find most irritating about such books is the inconsistency in the preachings. There are many contradictions which reduce the book from a serious full hearted attempt to just a compiled fact book.

About movies:
Saw Kismat Konnection. Well, wasn’t able to make any connection with the movie. Shahid was good. I went with an open mind and a possible positive bias towards Vidya Balan but she disappointed me again. She does not come across as a light hearted character ever. That irks me. Sometimes the script demands heaviness but not always man! That becomes boring.

Saw Aamir. Loved it! Good attempt. More such movies should be made and fine acting by Rajeev khandelwal.

Now, I want to see “The Dark Knight” and “Jaane Tu…” BADLY!!