ok! some praise for bollywood

While I was on the topics of the movies I went back into the memory lane and remembered some of the movies that I saw when I was in school and totally loved them. I do not know why but now I can not love any movie like that.

Well, anyway, here I am talking about Koyla ( Coal ), a Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit starrer directed by Rakesh Roshan. This was a wonderful movie. I specifically remember that I was heavily impressed by the performances of Shahrukh khan and Madhuri. The intensity which Shahrukh has shown in this movie is outstanding. I think it is one of his best performances till date, way better than KKHH, K3G, KHNH types. Not that he is bad there but in Koyla he was something different altogether. The character that he played was mute for more than half the time. So he did his acting by facial expressions and body language and eyes and boy! did those eyes speak? They screamed. They screamed intensity and passion and screamed that Shahrukh is an actor of great caliber. Madhuri too playes her role extremely well as a duped bride and then a lover.

While on to it, I want to say that I simply love Madhuri Dixit. The whole world knows what a good dancer she is. She has given some great songs to the Hindi film industry. But the beauty of Madhuri is not what she does in the good songs but in those where she has been given ridiculous steps and costumes. Yeah, I have to say that in 80’s and the 90’s dances and dresses were mostly terrible. I do not know what the dance directors thought they were doing. Madhuri’s magic is that she has turned those awkward movements and funny costumes into watchable and sometimes even hit songs all by her sheer talent and grace. Any other actress and it would have been destroyed. She is the epitome of an Indian women. A quintessential Indian lady. Very graceful and elegant. As M.F.Husain himslef has said about her ” The HAHK song “didi tera devar”….the hip movement step, if it was anyone else it would have looked vulgar but with Madhuri it became a great step in one of the best dances”. Some people have compared and said that Karishma Kapoor was way better in DTPH. Excuse me! Let me rephrase it. Karishma Kapoor was way different in DTPH. She was good, extremely good there is no doubt about that. But, Madhuri has a completely different style. She is soft and moves with poise. Karishma does so energetically which was what was required from her and both are good. Comparison is out of question. Dola re Dola, again there was the same thing and again, i have the same response. Both are different. Concentrate on the faces while they dance and then see who says more with the twitch of facial muscles. Her expressions are spot on and in an altogether different league. They never seem forced or overdone and are so tasteful.

So, enough of this. I guess it is officially established now that I am a Madhuri Dixit fan and let me also go ahead and say that I am Shahrukh fan too and not because he is so good looking and cute and plays romantic characters. It is because he is intense and a great actor who is sure to give us some masterpieces if only he works with some of the good directors and leaves the Johar camp for once.  Plus, establish this that I officially hate Paneer ( cottage cheese ).

Also, I totally liked Akele Hum Akele Tum when I saw it first. I thought it was a very good movie and then, well, I happened to see Kramer vs Kramer. It is a total rip off. But that does not take anything from the credit which should go to Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala. They are both wonderful actors. I am very sorry for Manisha Koirala and the way her career ended. She was a dynamite waiting to explode but she did not for some reason and I do not know why. She is also one girl awfully talented. Agnisakhsi, Bombay, Gupt, Lajja , Mann are few of her excellent works. I think still some director with a vision can make a great piece with her. And in any case there is such a shortage of actresses in Bollywood that we have to make do with the likes of Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu as actresses. But let me not get started on that. Today I seem to be admiring Bollywood for a change.


Welcome to Sajjanpur

Welcome to Sajjanpur could as well be called a Welcome to Quality entertainment. Clean and rich. This is what a movie should be made like. It says all the important things that it wants to say and more. It says that a simple narrative can work wonders in the hands of an able director. Because a director can reap all the benefits from the good actors. The performances are excellent and from each of the cast members. Never once you are left wanting more in the acting department. Shreyas Talpade shines, as does Amrita Rao. She is completely believable as the village belle in her body language, looks and the confused, shy character that she portrays. Ila Arun as the loud superstitious mother is spot on. Awfully good. The actor who played Munnibai needs a special complement. His work was amazing. Ravi Kishan and Rajeshwari do great justice to their short parts. Yashpal Sharma is always good.

As for the themes of the movie, there are many. Right from politics to love to widow remarriage to superstition to plight of immigrant workers to casual village woes and entertainment. It is an all encompassing and all entertaining film. Screenplay is very good which is rare phenomena in Hindi movies but an excellent team produces excellent results. I was shocked to see the fate of Shobharani and Compounder but I am afraid that is totally believable. It still does happen. And the marrying to dog to lift a curse. Absolutely true.

I can’t just put out enough praise. It is not a masterpiece and one should not expect it to be so. But what makes this movie so special to me is the sincerity that is shown in the making of it. That dedication and love and care and nurture shows on the screen.

Shreyas Talpade is such a great actor. Directors should use him more and better. Benegal sir, you should make more movies. Amrita Rao should be given more chances.

I am satisfied from a movie after quite long. I love it.

Bollywood sucks!

What’s all this fuss about SIngh is Kingg? With one look at the name and at the storyline and then the actors and the directors etc one can say for sure that the movie will try to exploit all the masala and fail to do so badly. Yet lately, in all the Bollywood news I have been hearing about this film only. Good marketing is a good thing. But when the product you are marketing is a sadela galela second class picture , then why so aggressive?

I believe the makers know that noone is going to watch the film on its merit so what they do is to create a hoopla about it so that it gets a solid opening. And then when one hears that the film has opened so big, there will be a curiosity to see it and hence the film will manage 2-3 weeks in the theatres. The same happened with Tashan and I am ashamed to say that I watched it in the picture hall ..boohooohooo.

Katrina Kaif might be mighty pretty and all but the truth is that she is absolutely monotonous and sucks at acting. I am not going to watch a pretty face for 3 hours. There ha to be some content. Akshay Kumar when he switched to comedy was a fresh change and he entertained then but now its old and rotten and his comedy has started stinking. Ohh I don’t know what I am pissed about more, this movie in particular or the whole phenomena of Bollywood producers and directors taking the audience for a ride, serving absolutely anything without any worth. Shooting a film outdoors does not make it good people.!

It just sucks that there can’t even be 5 decent movies in a year where Bollywood boasts to be the largest movie churner. Are we so short on skills? I think not ! These suckers like Kunal Kohli and the types have to go. God, I am so glad that Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic was such a big flop.

Shaurya – The story of a few good men

The title says the thing that shaurya movie is an adaptation of “A Few Good Men”. One might even say that it is a refined copy as some scenes are almost an exact copy. BUT, and thats a big but (butt..hehehe sorry for the pj, but could not stop) Shaurya, is an independently awesome movie. If one ignores the fact that its inspiration lies somewhere else then one cannot remain unimpressed. The story and the plot is good as it is ( of the original ). It is one of the best I have ever come across in movies. Then there comes the acting part. With K.K. Menon, you know what to expect and you get that and much more. Rahul Bose is a pleasant actor as always. Minnisha Lamba surprised with her skills as an actress. However, the looks were very cliched, They could have given her some other better look. I am just bored with women journalists looking like that. Amrita Rao, plays the role of a sophisticated and bittered Indian widow well enough. Javed Jaffrey got a chance for acting and that is a good thing because he has done well. Quite. So, the Indian version is as good as the original. The only thing that pinches is that it happens to be “The Indian Version”. I have lamented again and again the fact that Bollywood is such a great cheater. They need not be. There are so many wonderful writers waiting here to be heard and noticed. Why not give them a chance. Another thing about the actors is that the directors here have absolutely no intention or the capability to make use of some of the finest actors that we have today. I am talking about the makers of Krazzy 4 and many others. They assembled such fine actors and concocted some shit which was not even worth pitying and off course the only good thing that happened in the movie was the song Break Free which now everyone knows is a copy.
Inspiration is one thing and plagiarism is another. What we have going on here is not the one of the better kind. It just has me going on the angrier side.

But one thing, K K Menon is a fantastic actor. I just know why he does not get more roles. I think there is not much quality available and that is why he refrains from accepting roles every now and then. I like Rahul Bose 🙂

I have started watching the Prsion Break series and have fallen in love with Scofield. Wentworth Miller is sooo beautiful and manly at the same time.