On a Whim, some fancies..

Last night I had time and I was feeling a little anxious so I decided to soothe myself and put that pencil on paper after a long long time. I wish I would continue to do so. I love sketching but am so poor at it. Need to sketch more often , maybe even take some lessons.

However, in the meanwhile, here is the product of my industrious 3 hours πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

Jim Morrison – The Doors

If I had lived in his time, I would have been a groupie :D. Their music is transcendental and his eyes are so deep and meaningful.

The original picture is at: The Doors

Rabindra Nath Tagore – Poet, Artist, Intellectual

One man who was truly modern in thoughts and ideas in his time. Let’s raise a toast to his progressive thinking!

The original picture is at: Rabindra Babu

Nemo – The Fish

The orange fish :). I had simply loved the movie but more than that I loved the orange colored body of Nemo, The Fish.

The original picture is at: Nemo



The Doors – Why I like them

The Doors was an American Rock band formed in 1965. Its members were Jim Morrison (vocalist and frontman), Ray Manzarek (Keyboardist), John Drensmore (drummer), Robby Krieger (Guitarist). They were a controversial band due to Jim’s antics on stage and permanent hight state during stage shows especially. But thats the facade. In the 60’s, drugs was a very mainstream thing more so for the rock arena where alternative rock was taking its footing with psychedelic qualities. The Doors were one of the best among the lot. Now, there are many reasons for this.

  • One, the lyrics. They were cryptic, confused, seemed senseless yet to some they made infinite sense. It was poetry.
  • Two, the vocals were new and fantastic and invigorating and drowsing at the same time. Jim used to sing with complete abandon and that is what made these songs seems so honest and involved. There are stories that in the later days he recorded only when he was high. That shows in some songs too. But, the point is that his voice is smooth, unrestricted and easily flows through the ears to the brains. Even the screaming etc seems appropriate at all places to me when I am not a big fan of screaming vocalists.
  • Three, music. The music is extraordinary. Just as the lyrics are, to complement them, their tunes and melodies are different and touching is a weird way. I like the fact that there is a lot of instrumental in their songs where you just hear the music. It unwinds something in you. And it is not very heavy most of the times.
  • Weirdness, of it all. Lyrics as well as music. Sometimes it edges on the extreme and that rubs off on me the right way.

I am not a great expert in music. It was just a superficial analysis of the band which I like so much. May be in coming times, I will be able to sort the reasons more clearly. As of now, this does the job. My favorite songs of the band are

  • Riders on the Storm ( love the sound of the rain falling in the background…makes me feel like I am standing in the rain )
  • Live ( for unique lyrics and the calmness of the song, its pace, its expanse )
  • Break on Through to the other side
  • Hello, I love you ( just love the line ..hello, I love you, tell me you name… πŸ˜€Β  )
  • Don’t ask why ( little Beatle-ish, that’s why love it )
  • The end ( amazing music and specially the tempo that starts softly, builds up high and then again becomes extremely soft)

Its absolute treat to listen to them and I am wondering that if it so great to hear them on a record, how great it would have been to hear them performing live. And I also feel that less credit is given to the other band members. They are absolutely fantastic and the sort of the music that they provide is unparalleled.

Just love them!!