I will be running!

Despite all my contrarian beliefs I have ever held about runners and running, I am now registered to run a 5 Km run on 3rd March! I don’t even run in normal life, not even short distances. I am not sure why I did this but I find myself unexpectedly excited about this event! Yay!! 


Our Internal Essence

I just got this idea while walking at night. It follows below:

We all have a core essence which glows somewhere deep within us. And our job during this lifetime is to recognize it, protect it and expand it as much as possible. It is as a protector or destroyer of this essence is where the concept of virtues and vices emerge. So while vices like dishonesty, cheating, malice, jealousy, hatred and sloth etc start eating it away slowly, virtues like honesty, forgiveness, integrity, respect for other’s essence and industry etc enhance that core and expand it further. We need to protect this essence because it is what makes us and because when times are tough it is this core that we dig into to fight our adversities.  Also, by expanding that glowing core, we are fulfilling our purpose in life.

Now that I think about it, this idea is very similar to the concept of invoking out chakras in hinduism. These chakras represent a fragmented core (much like horcruxes :P).

Will add more on this later.