Who lights a vegetable oil lamp?

My husband does. He lights a prayer lamp with vegetable oil and olive oil. 

Hahaha. I find it very funny and cute 🙂 

Love my hubby 



It’s been a long time since I read maniacally. Now is the time to get back to that mode. Just because I want to devour the written words once again. I am missing my best friends on papers in imaginary worlds. 

Here is the reading list for February: 

1. India after Gandhi : Ramchandra Guha – because indian politics is a big player this year 

2. Bel Canto : Ann Pritchett

3. A Long Way Gone : Ishmael Beah

4. Angela’s Ashes : Frank McCourt

And if I get past these then, it will be 

1. Walden

2. The Brothers Karazamov


A Life Postponed

We all do it – consciously or subconsciously. We postpone the life for living it at the next moment, in the next week, month or year. We always put this moment on hold while we ruminate about the future. That’s death right there. Every moment that one misses of the present living while going on planning the future is a moment of death.