Birthdays and stuff!

There have been two birthdays in the last two days. One of my very dear friend and another of a batcmate. Both were awesome. We had good cake and a major photo session. People are realizing that this is the last year so we want to capture each and every moment of togetherness in the camera. It will be really strange and very different one year hence from what it is now. I will miss all of them.

Apart from all this masti, there is some more masti going on and no work. I watched “a girl in the cafe” and ” Do Bigha Zameen” yesterday. Both serious movies but both wonderful.

I have realized that at the end of the day you can always find at least one reason to love / hate someone. It totally depends on what you want to do. I have experienced and urge to do both ie to try to find out the reasons for hating whom i have loved and for loving those whom i hated and i have been unsuccessful in the first and successful in the second endeavour. I am glad that it happened. I now like everyone or at leats try to find a reason not to hate.



Life and people never stop surprising you. There is always something unexpected in the store. You may think that you know a person very well but you actually don’t. Appearances are highly deceptive and attention spans very short lived. In general, stangeness is all over. Sometimes sweet sometimes bitter but interesting nonetheless.  Different kind of societies generate different behaviours out of the same person, perspectives are changed and priorities revised.

I have been experiencing all this for a while now. I do not say that it is intentional or deliberate but it somehow happens. Perhaps it is inherent in human nature.

Had a sumptuous meal today, courtesy: a friend’s mom :). After that also was a round of pastries, courtesy: me because it was my Dad’s Birthday!

Could not even wish him properly nor could send him any gift. May he have the best of everything in life and  may i be able to fulfill all his dreams. With monday starts another hectic week which is least wanted after a 3.5 day holiday ! 😦

Cheers !


Lehman Brothers

I attended a workshop of Lehman Brothers held today at my institute. It was taken by the seniors who were recruited by them this year and have been working in the company for about 4 months now.

It was fabulous. Insight into the working of the financial sector and the know how of the trade and also the technical jargons were introduced to us with some real life examples in between. They were very much able to create an interest in their company. I liked it . But what was the best part was that every participant was given a personal pan pizza and a t shirt of lehman brothers!! That was awesome.

A truly enriching experience 😛 🙂

check out their website :



finally i am free! free from the compulsion of studying for exams..and have a three day weekend ahead. There’s a long list of to do things.

Wiki is great! only recently realized its true worth!  Have been reading many articles from it. An excellent source for knowledge.

There is news about a free energy engine being developed. Don’t know upto what extent it is true but it happens the whole basic of physics and our understanding of the world will be greatly shaken. It seems quite implausible.

Thats all for now!



Quotations and proverbs and sayings play an important part in my life. I am quite inspired by these and can see the gist of actual life in those one lines or the small paras. Many a times when I have been feeling low or highly elated or underconfident or complacent, I have come across a quote which brought me back to the ground level. There are hundreds of them out there which are my favorites. Then there are some poems which are so beautiful that you just dont need to listen or see anything else to be happy and content.

The wit and art are the best qualities a person can be bestowed with. One who is a good writer or a poet or an artist or a singer or a dancer or a musician or a photographer is a specially loved child of the universe . Sometimes the aphorisms are so suited to the situation, it feels like the person has been in my exact place.

One of them is quoted below which I like quite a lot :

It matters not how straight the gate,

 How charged with punishment the scroll!

 I am the master of my fate.

 I am the captain of my soul ! 



Requiem for a Dream!

Absolutely wonderful!
A movie which knows what it wants the viewer to think and makes it possible.
Noone who watches it will be left without a fear of dope induced in him/her.
Excellent performances by everyone!
Marvellous cinematography…such closeup and very samll shots give the desired effect.
It made my day!

Also saw “Proof” *ing Gwynneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins. I’d call it just an OK movie. Can be easily avoided. On the lines of mingling scientific genious and madness but fails to leave an impact. Has a little confused presentation and the tone is depressing from the beginning till the end.

The weather is awesome. It has been raining since morning. There is one question that I fail to answer is that how come without fail does the weather become so fabulous just before the exams? How? Everytime?
Answer if you know!