budday contd…

hmm…so today is my birthday (flashing teeth :D) and i am sort of happy about it because we are supposed to be happy on birthdays and sort of sad because i have an exam today and i don’t know a single thing in it…

Anyway, the celebrations are now over…The cake was yummmyyyy…it was an icecream cake ..blackforest flavour….it was awesome…!! The turnout (? i mean friends who came at 12 to wish me) was not much :(…i hope this was again because of the exams….so we did not have a dance party also ..but yes there was no rescue from GPL…ouch…!
So lets hope that this new year will bring with it satisfaction and happiness….

wish me luck and wish me birthday…:)



budday… !!!

just 2.5 hrs to go ….

Its my birthday!!!…..

Will give more updates later…till then Happy Birthday to me 😀


yet again the disastrous mid sems are here to rob me of all my little left hapiness in life…I was trying to study logic , yes thats a course i am doing called Mathemtical Logic …and as is evident from the fact that i am writing a blog at 4:00 in the morning that i was trying unsuccessfully :)….

Well, there have been interesting things over past two days which got me involved too but i will write about that later…as it is a long long story and i have much to write about…

for now i take leave but before that i would just like to express that i love putting up photos in the blog…so i will now make it a point to make it sort of a photoblog ie i will try my best to put one photo at least in every blog i write…

Breaking news: bomb blasts in Varanasi in highly populated areas like temple and railway station……have to write about that also but …again later…

so what will the photo of the day be about ??? It will be about logic :)…here it goes…logic

rest laterz….

cheers and smiles


newest records…


Well, this is not one of my achievements but my Computer’s which is presently named as “Emerald”. I say ‘presently’ because the name keeps on changing. So, what the achievement is ?? My comp ( better know as dabba here) has been running for 10 days now…not kidding!!..people have even better records but this is my best record…earlier it was 8 days…but this time it has crossed that and may even go upto few more days…. Thanks to the continuous electricity supply at IITK and thanks to our merciless attitude towards its wastage..Please note i am not taking pride in the fact but it is surprising to me..

When it comes to talking of records i will also like to put my minesweeper record :D…
I used to be a great minesweeper buff and these are the records that i made when i used to play it about 3 months ago……now it has become monotonous and i was complled to leave it but nonetheless it will remain one of my favorite games :).

Hey! and you can easily see the Eric Bana desktop….i am a badi wali fan of him :)…..

That’s all for now…
I better get back and study for the midsems or else i will be devastated.

cheers and smiles ,

classroom funnies ….

This is one of those classroom jokes that one remembers all through their lives to tell it to their children and their grandchildren…..It actually did not ahppen with me but happened with few of my batchmate…so the story is like…

They have a professor …quite “good” at english…
One day he asks..”How many of you are from Rajasthan or Delhi”..some people raise hands…then he says “all others are from villages kya??”…one student responds to this and says that “Sir, I am from Ahmedabad”….good..so what do sir say now..he is not from a village…sir says..”oo…Ahmedabad!…thats ok but which city there?”…..lol..we got pain in stomach after hearing this…well this may not seem so funny written here but it actually was funny worth ROTFL(Rolling On The Floor Laughing) when enacted….
other…”do you have any questions??..If you have questions ,shoot me!!!”…well, he actually asked to shoot questions on him…thankfully students here do not keep guns..:D

Well, i now have one story at least to tell :P……


Hate …

I just realized again that i am capable of hating….yes, i just hated something….i hate it when people think about my intentions what i don’t intend at all…This is one situation when i really cant keep control of myself….i hate it when people feel that i may be conspiring against them and trying to act smart…..and i HATE it when they think that i have vanity…puhleeeeez….of all the things that i have been bestowed in lesser amounts…self importance and pride are the least in that list ….

So, i just request that for god sake if i have said something that might reflect that i am proud ..that must be purely for a joke…
I am NOT…..

current mood: frustrated,angry
current song: addicted (enrique)


nice day…

Had a great treat today …courtesy a senior who considered me worthy enough to call for a treat…It was a group of about 9-10 people …we had a sumptuous meal starting with soup ending in a voluptous icecream with 5-6 main course dishes…The stomach felt like it would simply burst…but the after dinner walk and the heartiest laughters just prevented it from bursting. These are the times when you feel that you are in a college in an otherwise activity-less,i would say, institute. Well, got to know about some secrets also and discussed about DD1 ads…
So, all in all it was a great day today except for the fact that i did not study today at all.