Random Thought!

I am in my so often and so much that I don’t give other people a chance to obstruct me. I have taken that responsibility upon myself 🙂 :S




Your Community!

When we are blissfully happy with ourselves or with our better halves, we feel that community is a nuisance, that we don’t need other people, that one must always keep to oneself and that social gatherings are a waste of time. However, when you are alone and tired and devoid of the will to carry on – it is this community which keeps you going forward, provides you some much needed comfort and fun. It is this community which carries you through to the other end of your slump. And by community, I don’t mean relatives who advise you for free or the neighbors. I mean the community of your true supporters. They may not be your best friends or the most interesting/perfect people but they are the ones who root for you, who like to see you laugh and be merry and be happy. These are your well wishers. Always, always, always respect and retain that community of yours. Life is long and tough and we all need each other! We need to provide someone an outlet of fun from their otherwise tough lives. Let us be grateful to them and march on to win the battles and indulge in a lot of tomfoolery along the way!

Breakout Nations – Ruchir Sharma

I am sure you must have heard about the great uplifting story of the economic miracle of China – of how India is just behind China and yet another nation which is becoming an economic superpower. You must have also heard about the South Korean manufacturing miracles and African resurgence.

What Ruchir Sharma does in his book is that he takes all these ’emerging’ economies one by one and dissects their economic policies and assesses their basic economic indicators like investment/trade/taxes as a % of the GDP and points out if that indicates good or bad tidings. His analysis is put forth in simple english sentences which is easy to understand and gives a pretty good picture of the nations which are discussed – macro economics wise.  He places his bets on economies which are relentless in their reformist attitudes and have stable political atmosphere or sound infrastructure in place.

For me the best takeaway from the book was the education about emerging markets and where these nations are placed. I was also able to understand what the actual level of development each of these economies have and what needs to be done to close the gap. I also learnt that even a decade worth of fast track growth does not necessarily mean that a nation will continue to grow. In fact, as a rule, the growth slows down and even reverses some times. It is not as uncommon as one might think. So, the road to become developed is a long one and requires constant innovation, attention to micro signals from domestic and international markets and also that saving and risk taking [in terms of reforms] are better strategies for growth and yield better returns in times of slow down.

All in all, a very informative book and comparatively breezy as compared to others on the same subject. Must read if you are interested in just getting to know about the world and how its economy moves.

My art – my dream!

My art is not to create new worlds. My art is to take this world, bring a new lens into it, tweak it a bit so that it becomes as dreamy as any imagined world. That is my art and that is my dream. My work and my creativity are aligned to make this happen in this lifetime. Take reality (science, humans) and transform it into a dreamland (great books and better businesses/management practices).


The Blue Sweater – Jacqueline Novogratz

Inspiring! What an amazing and audacious journey she has had. All of it has been documented in this wonderful book. Gives a look into the mind and heart of a woman who dares to think of changing the world and not only does she think but actually acts on that in ways one can only think are fit for characters of movies or books. Her efforts have inspired many and changed lives for a large number of people and will continue to do so. If nothing else, one can appreciate the sense of initiative, commitment and daring which Jacqueline has shown all her life. She comes out as a leader who inspires by doing.

Charity for me always has been a topic of great conflict. While I agree that charity has some role to play in the society, I have always felt that the recipient of charity feels less dignified every time. JN’s concept of patient capital – her essence of the social entrepreneurship – focussed more on long term solutions than one time or short term grants is what is required to help those who are disadvantaged. That her organization – Acumen Fund – is making investments in multiple such programs is a great news for the world.

Jacqueline is a woman to emulate and she has told her story well in this book. For all the socially minded people and women who want to make a difference, this is a good book to read!