Today as I sat seeing the “Dead Poet’s Society”, I wondered that how beautiful poetry was. How we could convey so much through those few lines : sadness, mirth, courage, hope, fear, love, respect..anything! About the movie : It’s one of the best. So well made, well acted, well shot. It has everything. I actually cried seeing it after a long long time and let me tell you that my lachrymose glands are highly inactive. Anyway!

I started appreciating poetry after I did a course on English Literature. Until that it had eluded me for a long time except for a few special ones. I feel so full of desire to read and write poetry after watching the movie that I created two poems at the spur of the moment and I am writing one of it here :

I have not named it because I do not know what to call it. Here goes…

As I sat to write a poem

words eluded me, thoughts flew away!

Blank pages stared, drying ink screamed to me,

“U can’t”! Put us away!

“I can’t”…”thats true”… i thought,

But somehow knew it was not.

“Cannot” was not my word

Yet how often did it get heard?

Why? Why? Why should this be?

Perhaps, I allowed this way to be

Where is the courage? The grit, the gumption?

Where is the fight…Against the wrong assumption?

I understand now that the power which lay

inside of us would release, if we may!

And so I do…

The poem I write…

It may not be a star..

It may not be bright…

But write I do…

Where are now the blank pages?

Where is now the drying ink?

I write on former with the latter

Using my words as a ladder

To go high and soar

Coz I am not afraid anymore!!!

Thanks be to you all! 🙂


Rain Rain Come again!

Its one of those days when it suddenly rains in the middle of scorching heat and things start looking beautiful again 🙂 . Its raining heavily outside as I write this..weather is pleasant. I am craving chai and pakode as I never have craved for before. Well, I can have the chai but not the pakora :(. Unfortunately enough, as much as the awesome weather calls for a celebration, it is time to be sad. Sad, about leaving the good things of the past. It feels like going out there, feeling light, talking, laughing, dancing….but there are not many left to accompany me. Those that remain are equally sad.

The cool breeze smells of the wet earth( what we call in Hindi as “sondhi sondhi” khusbhoo). It intoxicates me like no liquor can. The coolness of the air defeats any AC of the world cuz its natural. Its just perfect. Reminds me of the school days when I pestered dad to drop me to school even when there was knee deep water everywhere. And surprisingly enough now, he did that. He took to my whims. He always gave me and continues to give me what I ask for. Always!  I don’t know whom to thank for being blessed with such a family!

Too many emotional moments have been filling my days lately and I am just hoping that they get over soon so that I am able to work. It blocks my mind when I think of the days that went away and it scares me to think of the days to come. No relief!

If there were a wish to be made, I would just want the last 4 years of my life back!  Ha! Fancies!

Gudnite ( or gudmorning? ) Whatever !!

nostalgia struck!

Who would have ever expected that life would take on such turns? I did not. It has changed..a lot..!! But that is how that is supposed to be I guess. Unpredictable and incomprehensible at times. It gave me some wonderful friends which I did not realize until today. Now that they are gone and the one that is left will be gone in 3 days , i am in a state of utter disbelief and shock and not to mention sadness.

Life was so much different than it is now just one month ago and now it is as dry as a desert and this is not an exaggeration. It really is. Off course nothing would stop moving and things wud be fine after all but right now it all seems so wrong. Typical nostalgia! yeah!!…But i thought I would write it all down inspite of the fact that I was on a hiatus from blogging. I wanted to write it so that the feelings are stored as they are right now. I don’t know what I am going to do for the next one year and may be after that too. I am afraid that I will meet these people perhaps never in my life again who were companions for 4 years 24*7. Its as sucky as it can get!

There is this one thing that I wish to say to all my friends : ” I have loved you people as much as is possible for me to love. If ever I said something that hurt you, it was not meant and last thing …don’t ever forget me! Coz I never can! ” Love you fellas!

I hope we meet again and rather frequently. I hope we see each other getting married and  rising to the pinnacles of success! I hope we are friends forever! I hope that these times be relived at least once more :|..I hope!!

Goodluck people!!