Its time!

This time seemed to be so so far away! I never thought that the moment will finally arrive. It has!

I have got my first job interview on December 1st. I am not nervous but I don’t know how I feel. I did not think that I will get an interview so soon. I have not even prepared yet, and if I somehow do get a job offer I am not even sure that I will be able to join but then again all kept aside, its my first job interview and I have some of that excitement. I am not getting too jumpy because I fear of disappointment.  It is for Capital One. Let’s see how it goes.




I wonder what is the actual capital to the volume traded in the market by the banks because I have a feeling that there is not enough liquidity in the market. And that may be the reason for the crisis in the American  markets and all the firing going on.

I am curious as to what really happened in that subprime mortgage crisis.

Also, can someone please suggest me how to best answer interview questions like :

  • Tell me about yourself ?
  • What are your weaknesses ?
  • Why should we hire you ?
  • And others like such

It will be of real help. I know the answers but just want to know how to structure the answers and also, what good weaknesses to put forward because as far as I am concerned, all the weaknesses that I have are bad ones 😛 and I should really not tell the interviewer about it.

Kafka’s Metamorphosis!

Now I know why, it is so talked about. I liked it. More so, I was intrigued.

Why’s and when’s and what’s will be discussed later.

In the meanwhile, if someone wishes to enlighten me about the literary devices used and the concept of symbolism , they are so much welcome to drop in the educational or not so educational comments .

Its Eric Bana again!

I have fallen for him all over again ………………..thud !

Just saw his movie “Lucky You”. Nothing very great. I mean it is not some masterpiece or something but he just killed me ( This “killed me” reminds of “The Catcher in the Rye” and how this phrase was used so often) . He is THE MAN! I mean I just love him. So good looking and his eyes seem to say that he is very sensitive too. Whooa…I better control. A month ago it was Kunal Kapoor and now it’s him again. The rate at which I fall for and then forget these movie men must be some kind of a record in itself.

But Bana rules them all and he always will. Ever since I saw Troy and Munich, well, I am hopeless 😀

But then again , I am hopeless anyway. All it needs is just 1 week just a week and I am not ready to do even that and take 6 months instead. I am truly and deeply hopeless and pathetic and unfit.

Oh but Eric Bana is GOD!


The Catcher in the Rye!

Marvelous book!

The best parts:

1. Colloquial Language

2. Discussing things far modern for the time when the novel was written

3. Brilliant understanding of the psyche of a teenager

4. The positioning of the characters in a triangle with childhood( implying innocence) and adulthood( implying phoniness) and teenage ( as the confusion to choose between the two paths) as the vertices of the triangle

5. Lack of conceit and narcissism in the narrator

6. The pessimism and the dreaminess, the lectures

I just loved the book. I wonder how it escaped from me for so long. I just made my night !


I think Bollywood musicians should bring more variety in the instruments that they use for playing the music.

That’s all. It has become extremely boring to be listening to the same types of songs all the time. Every new song is just a mild variation of some old song.

Where are you my winter?

In one of the earliest posts on this blog I expressed my deep love for winter and how I had once glimpsed heaven when I was caught in a snowfall. It was breathtaking. It felt just like this  “…..agar duniya mein kahin jannat hai to yahin hai, yahin hai ……”

It is 20th of November today and still there is no trace of cold anywhere here or elsewhere, except the hilly areas. I remember how in winters november used to be sooo cold, and there was fog all around and we used to guess the vehicle behind every headlight that came in the way of the school rickshaw… the days!

I miss that winter. I want that winter. I want to get chilled to the spine. I want to be in that heaven of snow again! Damn you global warming….! You have stolen some of the best moments.

come again and make me cold ! 🙂