Every Second Counts – Lance Armstrong, Sally Jenkins

I have been unfair in writing the name of Armstrong as the only author for the last book because as well Armstrong has lived his life, that well Sally has written it and portrayed to us the power of steel will, iron determination and single minded dedicaion. This one picks up where the last book left and does it in the same perfect way. It about the next four Tour De France that Lance Armstrong was able to win. It is about the arduous training, the hard work and the difficulties he surpassed to scale the mountaines of Alps and regain hi glory. This is about he gave a reply to the people who suspected him again and again. It is not about reaching the goal, the supreme but about surviving there. It tells us about the things that go behind being and becoming the best.

It was an equally enthralling read and is again recommended. In fact, it is after reading this, I picked up the It’s not about the bike and it worked fabulously for me.


It’s Not About The Bike – Lance Armstrong

This book describes the true story of Lance Armstrong from his childhood to the cancer and his battle with it and then with his limitations to become the winner of  Tour De France- one of the most challenging races in biking spanned over three weeks testing physical limits of human body as well as the strength of spirit and mind.

The life of Lance Armstrong is an inspiration to all. It is about never quitting. Never giving up. Giving your best to whatever comes, even when you are dejected, even when there is hardly any hope left. The book reflects this philosophy superbly. It conveys extremely well what it wants to convey. The extraordinary story is extraordinarily told. It is meant to inspire, to coax and it does. Very well.

No wonder I flipped through the pages without stopping once and lost my sleep also just to finish it. If you have ever felt diheartened and thought that why is this happening to me, if you have not the courage to fight anymore, pick up this book. It stirs something deep inside. It shows one thing, the will and determination a person can hve and the difference that can make in one’s lives.

Worth a read!