Assisted Dying or Euthanasia

I watched this Terry Pratchett documentary today (Choosing to Die):

It set me thinking about aging and getting old and god forbid, afflicted with a disease. It is a glum thought.

Switzerland and Belgium have legalized euthanasia. The documentary shows a couple live which has decided to go for assisted dying. It is terrible to see. It is tragic. Yet, at the same time, I can imagine the dread of a life in which you are nothing like yourself, where you are dependent on everyone but yourself. It is a very confusing topic – legally and emotionally.

I cannot imagine, how must the doctor reconcile with himself/herself in having assisted a person to die.

I wonder, if it comes to that, what would my choice be?


Indian Economy

We rode the wave of 1991 reforms and that wave is now breaking. We have begun the slide into abyss of hard times. All because we have been led by fools who can only spout rhetoric and do nothing but rigidly follow the delusions of their own minds. 

History will not forgive Manmohan Singh. His is a sin of omission. He stood there and watched even when he knew it was not right. He played the role of a pawn perfectly but somewhere he forgot that being in the place that he is, he is committing a crime to not just few people but to an entire nation and its generations to come. I think he has been vastly irresponsible. He should have done better simply because he knew better. 

As for Sonia Gandhi, the lesser I say the better it is. She is constrained by the understanding she has of this world. All she knows is that she is a queen and she must help the poor needy people. Her’s is a patronizing attitude and  I get where it comes from. She did not come from the ground level. She came as a daughter in law and suddenly found herself the queen. Now she pities the common man because he must be helped. She does not understand that it is not her place to pity anybody. All she has to do is to get the government out of the way. This is what one expected Manmohan Singh to tell her. He did not speak, she did not listen and billions will suffer. 

I refuse to say anything about Rahul Gandhi. 

The times which are coming are going to be tough. More so because we have seen the golden time and know what is possible. 

Indian English Writing Today

The bestsellers are from authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Ravi Subramaniam , Amish Tripathi etc…I have rad books from all the three. At least I have tried to (I just could not complete reading Chanakya’s Chant. It was unsufferable). While Amish is certainly an imaginative writer and gripping too, I found the other two as actually substandard writers. They may have good ideas. I will not trivialize their idea of the book but the way of writing in Ashwin Sanghi’s Chanakya’s Chant and Ravi Subramaniam’s If God was a Banker have really trivial writing style. There is no coherence in where the characters are – location and time wise and in the way they speak their sentences. 

I am delighted to see that Indian Publishing is seeing such light interesting reads and is reinventing the market for Indian English Writers. However, I hate to see the mediocre quality of the work. There definitely should be an emergence and even if not selling million copies Indian audiences should have a book which captures their imagination and is of a good quality at the same time.

About Google Talks

Google Talks is a great forum. I am sure people at Google must enjoy it very much. So do I however much of it I get to see on You Tube, especially the Authors@Google. It is wonderful to hear all the great authors express their thought processes and views on their books and about literature in general.

I just have two small gripes. First, the introducers usually try too hard to be funny or witty while doing the introductions and sometimes perform embarrassingly badly. More so, many times they try to complete the author’s sentence and that is just jarring to watch because the other person actually has come there to tell his part of the story. It would be advisable to the organizers to keep the introduction generally low key and not make desperate attempts to be funny/witty because if not done right it can be really really bad and annoying. 

Second, the questioners also sometime try to hog a lot of time at the mike and constantly interrupt the speaker. I know and I get the urge to make a conversation with the author you admire so much but doing it in a public forum by holding the mike for an unnecessarily long seems like bad manners and are actually in a poor taste. 

Return to Introversion

Sometimes, I become allergic to people big time. I can’t do socializing at all and worst of all, I can’t even stand them in the workplace and that starts turning into a disaster because interacting in a workplace is mandatory. It is a passing phase, I know. A couple of weeks from now, I would be back in the world with gusto, chatting away. But for now, seeing or meeting anyone is a gargantuan task.

I term this phase as the return of introversion. Till about 12 years of my life, I was an introvert. After that, I started changing and becoming more social and gregarious to the point that now at 29, most people consider me an extrovert. And I believe it is truer, statistically speaking, since I have been an extrovert than introvert for more number of years. Of late, however, the original nature is calling to me and drawing me away from the society and going out and being gregarious. And I am finding it better that way!

The problem comes up when this aspect of introversion becomes extreme and the slightest interaction would generate much resistance. I had overcome this aspect of mine and done well interaction wise. Now it has come back at a time when its hampering my everyday life. Gaah!

I need to steel up!