Gunahon ka Devta – Dharmvir Bharti

Honestly, when I started the book, I did not expect it to be too great. I bought it because I had heard it was a classic in Hindi literature and I expected something solid for sure, but , nothing this extraordinary.

Right from the very beginning, the story, the characters, the setup, everything just engulfed me into this book. The characters are so complex, so rich, so varied. The story is an intricate weave of intense and light emotions alike. There are contrasts and similarities and they are very appropriately placed. There are ideological debates about platonic and carnal love, about love and arranged marriage, about Hindu customs, about sacrifice and acceptance and denial. The book deals with white, black and grey areas of life of the two protagonists, Chander and Sudha and the supporting cast. The depiction of lives, the conversations, the situations, the feelings are all so perfectly written that not once will your imagination fail you. It is intense, and tragic and deep story about love and passion and its pains and sacrifices and gains.

The book is remarkable not only because of its touching and excellent storyline but also because of the use of language and technical excellence in writing. Even when he describes the sex scenes, not once is there anything vulgar. The words are poetic and beautiful. The conversations between Sudha and Chander are light and flirty as they should be to give us the exact view of their relationship which is that of deepest devotion and love but of which they are unaware. He paints a contrast so well. While the relationship between Sudha and Chander is that of a god and its devotee, that of Pammi and Chander is that of bodily needs and very human in nature. Bharti ji also discusses philosophies of love and life and argues it from every viewpoint. He never fully segregates views and elevates one or the other. He gives reasons for both. Chander is not ashamed of what he did and Sudha does not blame him either. What they find initially difficult and later come to accept is that when you are going platonic, exclusivity becomes difficult because bodily needs come in and then all one has is trust in the love of each other.

I just can’t get it out of mind. It is marvellous. A book says all about its authors creative genius and Bharti Ji gets full points here. I would go as far as to say that Chander and Sudha are as great literary characters as Romeo and Juliet, Heer and Ranjha ,as Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza.¬† If only, this reached a wider audience, more people would get to see the genius of Bharti ji.


Cricket Satire

CricInfo has staretd a column called “The Confectionary Stall” by Andy Zaltzman. This is very nice. A satirical blog on cricket. Just what is needed to get some respite from the high controversy game that it is becoming these days. English satirists have a unique way of writing. It tingles at all the right places. Ever so sweetly they kill their target. Also, they have a take on their own and that makes them even funnier. The language is not crass and derogatory but it humiliates the shit alright. Just go have a look and you will know. It is not the best but it is good enough to have a smile or two or more.

Pirates et al

Wow!! There are really pirates in the seas of Somalia and they kidnap ships and ask for ransom and Indian Navy is fighting them off. They have sunk one of the pirate ships. In 11 days, 10 ships have been hijacked by the pirates. All that cool movie stuff that we see on the big screens about sea fights is actually happening. I never thought that in our age I will see stuff about sea wars. But hey!! It is happening. I am sort of glad for the navies because I always thought that that wing of the forces was not really given a tough task except endure sea sickness. Now, they have got a real fight. And I am so impressed by the Somali pirates. With their limited means, they are hijacking well stocked hi tech ships.

Disclaimer: I do not intend to make fun or belittle any armed force. It’s just that I could not stop from making a small joke.

It’s Bond Time

Who in their right mind would ever say that Daniel Craig does not make a good James Bond? As far as I am concerned, he does it the best!! I am completely in love with Craig as Bond. He is tough, rough,muscular, suave, charismatic, witty and utterly charming, all at the same time.

Casino Royale is as awesome as it gets. It has the plot, the storyline, the drama, the wittiness, the POKER and all that bloody gadgetry and action. It helps that the Bond girl is gorgeous and convincing Eva Green. The villain is on the spot. The starting action sequences are mind blowing. The flirtations of Bond, funny and very charming. The intelligenece, wow! Chemistry between M and Bond ,perfect.

I have watched this movie before and I loved it then too. I today watched it just after watching Die Another Day and I love Casino Royale now so much more. Pierce Brosnan was good for his time but Daniel Craig is better and he is the new age Bond. The character has taken the leap in time with him and it is a very welcome change. The increased ruggedness only increases the authenticity and the manliness.

I am loving it. Can’t wait to watch Quantum of Solace. 007- my favorite spy. Mission Impossible fails in front of this. New Bond is so much better than Hunt.

The Dark Knight – Movie Review

..blew me away!! Every aspect of it. Each little and small thing. Kudos and thanks to the people who made it.

First off, the script is incredible. The plot, the story line, the themes, the ideologies , the way they have compared and contrasted people and ideas, it is all just too fantastic. Now, laying a creamy layer on the top of such a juicy base was the hands down award winning performances. Of course I do not need to tell you that Heath Ledger as Joker has outdone every villian in the history of film making. He has given a performance which is a landmark in acting. I can go on gushing about it forever and ever. I cannot even imagine that if he had not done it, how the character would have turned out. He has given so much credibility and truthfulness and authenticity to the character, that not for once did I think that someone was playing it. I believed in the Joker. Christian Bale off course is great as Batman but the movie was not about Batman. It was about so much more. It was as much about the Joker and the white knight, Aaron Carter, as about Batman. And I liked Maggie Gyllenhaal better that Katie Holmes in the character of Rachael Dawes.

When I had seen the first part, Batman Returns, I was hooked. I was sucked into the Batman series. Doing an analysis on it for a course only accentuated the interest, but “The Dark Knight”- it has taken the interest to whole another level. I am now officially a big big fan. What Christopher Nolan and the team has given to us is much much more than a wonderful film. They have shown us a new frontier of entertainment, a possibility of how well a thing could be done. The Dark Knight is superlative. It is transcendental. It has set new standards for superhero movies now.

I am eagerly awaiting the next installment but I know it is going to be long.

A wish list

This is a list of some material things which I would own in an ideal world.

1. A house by the beach with a wide front porch.

2. Home theatre with surround sound stereo with a DVD library of all good movies in the world (all languages).

3. A big library with wooden shelves which rest all the good books of the world and comfy chairs and a big rectangular table.

4. A sauna

5. A racing car

6. A studio