back to business…

oh yeah! am back to college to start yet another semester and another year….last with my friends…

feeling home sick like anything and there is zilch enthu of going to class tomorrow :(…

came back today only…room not set up till now….

I will get back to normal soon ..hopefully ! 


going home …yippeee!

Leaving from Bangalore tonight…Nostalgia hitting but then the excitement of being at home after sooo many days helps to forget it and look forward…….

though I am not very keen about the 2 days boring journey that is to be done…

will be back after a short break of one week or so….

bbye !



Human emotions are so strange and intriguing. One moment it is something else and the other moment it can be another. It should be so interesting to find out that how it works and what causes them.

Well, not getting into the science of it, I was amazed by the changing nature of emotions yesterday. Only day before I was like dying to get out of this place. I would give anyone a lakh if one could free me from here.Every hour seemed like a day. And yesterday, when I was taking everyone’s leave, I felt so bad. I even started thinking that why do I have to go so early? It seemed to me that the days had fled like hours.

Such contrary emotions, within a day! Now the feeling of leaving has registered itself in me but still I am feeling bad yaar! This is not good. I am supposed to be totally happy . I have been here only for 2 months and this is the state. Imagine what will happen when I leave college? Its scary to even think of it. But time takes care of it all.

I am trying to make the best of whatever time I have now left with me.

Cheers !!


Photography is a beautiful thing. It makes things look even more beautiful than they are.  When you start doing some serious photography, you start looking at every object and human and animal to find a beauty in it. And I think that it makes you better as a person. You ignore the lose points and try to find angles which will make the subject look better. You tend to highlight the good aspects and hide the negative ones. You adjust your light and contrast to give it a better feel. You widen or narrow down the aperture to bring out the best. It is like creating a better model of the given specimen. It is like improving upon what God has already done.

Its very rightly said that its an art. Everyone cannot make a good photographer. A photographer has to be forgiving and optimistic. He has to forgive the shortcomings of the subject and look for the good traits. He has to find and sometimes create a beauty where little or none exists. And the one who does that is a real photographer. It is relatively easy to capture the things as they are. That is what normally all of us do but to enhance the beauty using a lens requires perception, keenness, judgement and talent.

I feel that a person who is good at heart and has a vision can only make a good photographer and this I think holds true for all art forms.

I have had a short tryst with photography with my COSINA SLR for the past six months or so and I have not done very well but the practice has led me to acquire an admiring eye for the world. I wish and hope to continue my journey and become not only a good photographer but imbibe the virtues that come with being one.:)

Below is the pic of my camera


It seems that the whole world is romancing these days with my new found love – Economics 🙂 Or, it may just be that I found my love in everyone’s favorite a little late.

Yeah! I have found several blogs dedicated to it.  Anyway, to add to the sweet surprise of dicovery of the fame of it , there is a special issue on “Economics and Technology” of the magazine “Directions” which is taken out by the esteemed faculty at my alma mater .

Check out the online issue at :

It makes a very good read. Although it is strange that I found about the existence if this magazine only now. It is exciting to see the giants of technology writing away for the social knowledge.


a poem …

I want to cry

but tears don’t come…

I want to fly

but fears overcome…

why for me ?

Its only rock and thorn …

why for me ?

Is the peace forever gone …

when will it be?

that I become a bird…

when will it be ?

that my prayers be heard…

I want to cry

but tears don’t come …

I want to fly

But my fears overcome…

P.S. : This is an impromptu poem so please excuse it….did not actually know what to write. The first line is although from the experience of the last night. I was trying to cry but seriously I could not. Other lines followed due to rhyming and other thoughts.