What’s my Woe?

I am not a even a quasi specialist in any subject. I am an uber generalist. The skills I have are – how to structure a problem and how to solve it using the tools which are available. Now, as you might imagine, these are the exact skills required for any job but the fact is that if you are a specialist (or even a quasi one) , you know which field to apply this skill in. I can go into any number of fields – so to speak – but there, I am met with people who have these same skills plus some more, which is, the knowledge of the history/geography/politics of that particular field. Don’t get me wrong, I think the flexibility of moving in any direction is a major plus but if it becomes so flexible that you are not even able to choose or decide, then it’s a problem.

So, the answer to the question I asked (What’s my Woe?) is that I can’t decide which field to put myself in and battle it out. That, is my woe.

It is like standing outside a park and seeing n groups of children playing n different interesting games and if you want, you can go and play any of it but you are not friendly with any of the groups and from this distance you can’t really decide which game would be the best. To complicate matters, time is running out and darkness approaching. Soon, you will have to choose or you will be kicked out. 

Which game do I choose to play? Which one?




I wonder what is the actual capital to the volume traded in the market by the banks because I have a feeling that there is not enough liquidity in the market. And that may be the reason for the crisis in the American  markets and all the firing going on.

I am curious as to what really happened in that subprime mortgage crisis.

Also, can someone please suggest me how to best answer interview questions like :

  • Tell me about yourself ?
  • What are your weaknesses ?
  • Why should we hire you ?
  • And others like such

It will be of real help. I know the answers but just want to know how to structure the answers and also, what good weaknesses to put forward because as far as I am concerned, all the weaknesses that I have are bad ones 😛 and I should really not tell the interviewer about it.