Theory and Empiricism

I created a huge fuss when I did not use to get the concept or the theory behind a problem and I felt that I was really stupid for not getting things. I still do that a lot to myself. ie declare myself stupid most of the times.

But today, while doing some random stuff, I realized that hey! it is not so bad after all. Most of the time theory comes after empiricism. From the mistakes made there and the right things done. It does come after experiments. And it is after all, okay, to not get the theory at the beginning and form it after the experiments are done. It would certainly be best if one knew all theory before doing something. But the conclusion is that it is fine to not know all theory certainly beforehand. It is OK to experiment and based on the results draw the conclusions 🙂

I am more at peace with theorizing than actually experimenting. That is one more conclusion!


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