A day in my life !

How things change? They change as and when they are allowed to. Change is a natural phenomenon. I view it as a process of positive entropy. So, it has the natural force backing it. Then why do we strive to maintain the status quo? Is it not equivalent to go against the law of nature.  In a way, growth is synonymous with  change.

This I learnt…from the ways of my life, from the windstorm it was in to the calmness now it has. Loads of things happen in the blur of a second and it is never the same again !

Coming to the simpler world from the abstract:

Tennis going full pace. Learnt the actions for serving and  forehand. Improving the game day y day! It’s so peaceful to be standing on that court and sweating it out. It is truly cathartic, as was swimming when I used to go.

Learning the process of studying! Would be glad to go for a PhD if I get one.

Cheers !


Licensing happiness!

I think that the need to justify oneself is huge today! One cannot be simply happy or sad or angry or calm. One has to justify every action taken and every emotion felt.

If I am happy today, even in the midst of problems surrounding all over, I have to ask why? I have to ask that why is it that I am not weeping all the time. Is it right for me to be smiling and enjoying the moments? It is good to not ponder solemnly about the troubles all the time? Should I not make a grim face?

And so on…..

But then human mind and emotion is unique because of its unpredictability. Good that it is!

Cheers !