Dying dreams!

In my undergrad days, I was a walking talking enthusiasm machine, what with my fierce optimism, blind faith in honest passion and integrity, and Dreams! Loads of dreams. Dreams of doing something worthy, dreams of making a difference somewhere, dreams of pushing some boundaries, dreams of changing the world step by step.

As I grew up, more specifically in the last 3 years, all those dreams of mine have been dying, a little by little, every day. I don’t know why, but I have been losing conviction in them…all of them. Some dont seem to be worthy, some dont seem viable. The first thing I lost was my enthusiasm, then I lost my passion. Now it is only the desire which holds some threads. I am lost. Not in a good way though. I could do this and I could do that and at the end of the day I do nothing. Even when people give me positive feedbacks, my self esteem is so inside the ground that I cannot find a way to lift it up and that cancels all my plans whatsoever.

I do know one thing which I need to do – love myself first and accept myself as I am. With all the blatant imperfections and slightly good things!


Pratibha Devisingh Patil

I might have as well put this post in the wonderful woman series, but I will not because I do not think she is all that wonderful. But she is one lucky lady. And I thank heavens for her luck. I feel good that she is so lucky so as to be the First Woman President of India. The lady is the typical Indian grandmother kind of lady and I somehow find it very interesting to see her travel all over the world, meeting all sorts of people and flying in Sukhois :). I like the whole idea. I almost relish it. If only she had been more substantial, I would be elated.

Now, I would like to tell you why I am writing a post suddenly about Pratibha Patil. Apart from the fact that it is her 75th birthday today, I saw a pic of her celebrating it with some special kids and it evoked some kind of appreciation for her from me. (Pic is taken from The Hindu)Pratibha Patil

The love and the tenderness with which she is feeding the kid can be seen and felt from the honest smile on her face. She seems really glad. And when I saw this pic I thought of other women in Politics, women from US and UK and other developed and white nations, and I was unable to imagine such honest care being put forward by any of those. They seen kind of artificial to me. I dont know. I just felt that this was a good pic and so I not only put it here but wrote a post about it.

Whew ! By the way, wish you a very very happy Birthday Miss President!!!


Watched Paa today in an old cinema hall…with the balconies and stalls and cheap popcorn and coffee. It brought back some fond memories…of old times…and three of us girls got the last row with an almost corner seat. Not a good place to sit I must say! A couple in front was engaged in a lot of PDA and their heads interfered with the movie viewing experience.

Now, coming on to the movie – It was wonderful. Brilliant acting by all involved. Amitabh is the king! He can take any role and make it his own. He has some magic. Abhishek Bachchan was excellently suited for the role of a young, dynamic politician. And as the mother, Vidya Balan was terrific ! I seriously dont understand her critics. She has bad styling choices? So what! She is one actress today who ACTS! And that too wonderfully! Not like Katrina Kaif who may have lots of style but are a shame on name of actresses. I give a big applaud to vidya for her performance and having the guts to do something substantial without listening to her detractors !

One more special mention must be made for the dialog writer. He/she has done a fabulous job! Very witty and funny and realistic !

Loved the movie !


I asked a question to a friend and figured that I did not know the answer myself also. It was “What is that one thing which you have to absolutely do once in life…at any cost..absolutely!!!!”

I don’t know what that is for me!

Just realized that it is almost useless to wait for action to happen to you. One should jump up and create some action. Thats the way I would want to be.

I also realized that I still prefer blogging over tweeting, even if it is for two lines. Somehow!

And , why are all the good guys already taken???????