Checking the LIST

Almost a year and half ago, I made a list of things to do before I turned 30. It had 13 items in it. Now, after one and a half years, I am checking that list to see what all I have done and what not.

It is the (sort of bucket) list of things to do before/when I turn 30 (which is a looooong time to come but still….).

 0. Become an expert in one mathematical and one economics topic

— No becoming of an expert

 1. Learn to play one music instrument

— No learning of an instrument, just plain enjoyment of the music

 2. Learn one Indian and one foreign language

— No learning of a language, just plain hindi poetry and English francois or german or Italian L

 3. Master at least one racquet sport

— Still at the same level as before

 4. Read at least 100 books

— Yup!! Yay!!

 5. Lose 10 kg of weight (This should happen in the next 6 months but oh well!)

— Lost some (3-4 Kgs) but not 10 L

 6. Earn comfortably

— Not too comfortable but its okayish comfortable

 7. Go abroad at least once

— Did that finally after so long – visited US (Richmond)

 8. Do one significant, life changing, meaningful charitable work

— I have since changed my opinions about charity and changing the world K

 9. Go on one roadtrip

–Did too. I went to NY/NJ all by myself, driving all the way. It was fantastic!

 10. Buy a digital SLR camera

— Bought no SLR but did get a Sony Cybershot point and shoot with pretty good specs – good enough for beginner photography

 11. Buy a 4 wheeler (preferably an open jeep)

— Yay!! Bought a 4 wheeler – Maruti Suzuki Alto! No open jeep that but a cute little car of mine

 12. Write something

— Did write something – a couple of poems in Hindi! Nothing very major but its something 

So, I have struck off 6 out of 13. Not bad. Completing nearly 50% of the list in one and a half years is not bad at all. And of these, some are the things i feel good about. So that’s nice. This year it is going to be another long list for the time till I turn 30. It would be a major list too. Life changing and all but I am all excited to strike things off it.

How time passes!





What about a Junk button??

Just like there is a ‘Like’ button in Facebook and now everywhere else too, why can’t we also have a junk button. For some reason, unliking a post seems very rude but I feel that declaring it junk would not seem so rude. There are some posts which need to be junked. They are that bad!

Come on Facebook. Bring on the junk button.