Thus ends Australian Open

I am a huge fan of tennis. I simply love watching it!

2011 season has already started and one of the Grand Slams has already ended- The Australian Open. It is the one with high temperatures and blue court and squeaky noises coming from the shoes. It is also very very unpredictable. Upsets happen here more than anywhere else. This year, it was even more true – for Men as well as Women. Rafa and Roger were sent off in Quarter Finals and Semi Finals respectively. The final contest was held between World Number 3 and 4 ( not technically, but in every other way). The better player prevailed – Novak Djokovic over Andy Murray.

I feel for Murray. I truly do. I can see how much pressure he has on his shoulders but I can also see the inspiration which Novak derives. He has grown phenomenally in the past three years and most of it during the past year. He has polished his game and he has polished his wisdom. Now, he is an inspired and wise player at the same time. Since US Open 2010, he has been in incredible form and it is fitting that he starts 2011 with a victory in hand. I am a great great RAFA fan. Almost a fanatic but if there is anyone else I will support other than him – Its Novak. That guy is just so emotionally charged that it makes him much more human than all the other top players. I can appreciate them all but with Djokovic – I can relate. I feel glad for him.

With the end of Australian Open 2011, I find myself peering through a great hole in my entertainment and inspiration feeds. What am I going to watch now and discuss? What will now divert my attention from the increasingly mundane ways of my life otherwise? What will make my adrenaline rush and push me towards excitement? What is it going to be ?

The next Grand Slam is only in April and it will start a new season.

Damn! I now need to find new escapades.!

So Long! I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much!


Gone Bonkers about Tennis

Since the last week some bug has bitten me and I have become so obsessed with tennis that I can’t seem to get enough of it even after I have followed all the matches of Indian Wells and am following the Miami Open. I have lapped up all the info that the internet has to throw at me, be it the player profiles, rankings, their career paths, habits, management deals they have made, gossips, scandals, humour, and lastly but most importantly all the magical momemts that have been fortunately shared on the youtube( those serves, volleys, smashes, crosscourt angles ). I am just going crazy reading about what Federer thinks is going on with Rafa and himself, what others think about it, how Verdasco has become the black widower sort of, why Tisparevic became almost deluded from tennis due to reading too much philosophy, marat safin and his explosive ways, his sister Dinara’s nervous exits, Serena’s smugness, Ivanovic and her hotness, Djokovic with his funny impersonations and controversies and match retirements, the Frenchie trio, the hawtt Spanish league, return of the Taylor Dent, Roddick as the coming back kid……and on and on and on.

And this is just the most recent of the contemporary tennis. I have also looked into the archives and studied them deeply :P. Heck!!! I have even read some fan fiction written about the players. That’s why I said, I have gone bonkers – totally tennis crazy this week. Perhaps it is because I want to play it so badly but just cannot do it right now so in a way I am trying to satisfy that appettite by watching and reading about it.
Damn! I miss that sound when a ball is hit by the racquet. I miss those one or two good shots that I was able to make in the days that I played. Aah! That was so fun!

Love love love Tennis.

At this point of time, the scene in Men’s tour is glowing hot. There are about 10-12 contenders who make the tournaments right from the quarterfinals very very interesting. Even if not a nail biter, almost every match is watchable. Sad that I cannot watch it and thank god for that else I would lose my mind totally.

Off course there is the forever interesting debate of Rafa-Roger going on and it enhances the x- factor of the game, its appeal. To add in, occasional upsets by players like Djokovic and Murray add to the thrill. It is all just delicious.

I have been in the Vamos Rafa! group for long time now. But admiration for Federer is something which has to be there whichever camp you belong to. The sheer beauty of his game and the ease and the fluidity with which he plays compels one to do so. I think that Federer has had his share of demotivations for long now and he is now refreshed and enthused.  He was caught in a rut before, everytime losing an important match to Nadal. That psychologically becomes very disturbing. Now, that he has faced defeat from others also (like Murray in Indian Wells), he is out of that rut. He has now broken the circle. Now he knows that it was just a bad phase and is recharged and I am afraid that means trouble for Rafa which kinda makes me unhapp but makes for a super spectacular match sometime very soon.

I am very very excited!