Swimming Home – Deborah Levy

Just finished this book. Need to write a review soon enough. It was a short book , costly though – purchased in a jiffy on kindle.

Deals with themes of suicide, depression, madness, loneliness, anxiety and general give up – ness of life. Makes for a deep reading I guess. But I read it quick – in 5-6 hours total. Has been longlisted for the Man Booker Prize this year – 2012.



Owning and Borrowing

Some people like to borrow things and they get high on it. They enjoy using what has been borrowed.

I like collecting things. I like owning stuff. All kinds – useful and useless. I don’t mind sharing  -sometimes I enjoy it , sometimes not so much but I what I really like is having everything – small and big and nice and not so nice so that I never have to borrow anything. I am definitely not a borrower. It somehow steals a bit of comfort of the use with the perpetual sense of a debt hanging at the back of my mind. It may be because my sense of indebtedness is really high and the expectations from others really low!

So, on some fine days when my friends take stuff which I own to make my life easier and I have to sort of borrow it from them back – those are the tough days! Today was one – the stuff was a small chair – not so comfy but mine nonetheless which someone has borrowed and owned but which actually I own and am trying to borrow back.

Sounds senseless, I guess.

The Sense of an Ending – Julian Barnes

A novel about deceptions of memory. What we choose to remember is not always all of it. What we choose to forget is sometimes the bigger story. The most unreliable of narrators – the memory. It is ruled by emotions and shaped by intentions.

This is what the author has tried to weave in an intriguing tale of awkwardness, humiliation, revenge, remorse and an attempt at peacefulness. Things are not what they seem at first. Many undercurrents catch you by surprise. It is a crafty book. Not so easy to get at the first time in its entirety. Will need to read it again and again.