Merry Christmas!

Hello there! Seems like i have started my new blog on an auspicious occasion. I am not new to the blogging world. In the past, i have had 3 blogspot accounts but somehow only one functions now. Moreover, i found wordpress more attractive so i have now switched here.

I am not a christian but Christmas is a very special festival for me.When i was a child i studied in a convent. We used to celebrate christmas with waiting for a-teacher-dressed-up-as-SantaClaus to give us gifts, making cards for our teachers and friends, singing carols and making merry.Those are some cherished childhood memories. Perhaps, that is the reason that i still love the festival so much. How can i forget its best part–cake and pastries…! After eating sweets all year long on different occasions..cakes are a heavenly change(off course because they are my favorite).

 So, now that i have entered here..i hope to continue and blog often.I hope this is a journey whose end does not come early.





Today: 50% sweet past..50% nothing

today was a nice evening!…..although i was hoping for a little more cold. i simply love winters 🙂
..the crush started when i was blessesd with an opportunity to stand amidst the flakes of snow falling and feel that eternal beauty which nothing can surpass. Making snowmen,throwing snowballs, eating fresh snow,getting red nosed,loaded with like a trunk full of clothes…everything was the most extraordinary instance of thrill,beauty and peace spread like a sheet upon the entire landscape…….’twas the pinnacle of the natural beauty that i have witnessed till now…nothing has held my mind more than it did…since then i am totally in love with snow and can never ever forget that panorama ….

well well! after those sweet remembrances i would like to mention that today i watched a movie namely Bluffmaster…now dont expect me to give reviews..newspapers have said right about it…..apart from that ,did not do nething else except seeing off a friend…
the day uptil now was quite peaceful… i am going to end it with a cup of “filmotine”…which means a movie or two or may be three if god gives me enough strength!!
May god give me the drive to endure three movies and enough cold outside so that i can chill my memories..
Good Night!


i call it a restart b’coz i have already made two accounts before….published a few posts and stopped. But it so happened that i forgot the usernames and passwords of both the previous accounts…so, owing to a sudden impulse of blogging again…i created this third acoount and i resolve to remember the essentials this time:)………………

Neway, at this point of time i am enjoying my break after yet-another-devastated-semester. It is too early to sleep after a good nap( if you call it a “nap”) of 4 hrs in the evening…

I feel blogging is a good thing…yeah !it is…it gives people like me an opportunity to take out any sort of feelings or thoughts they have …..when i say “like me”, i mean the ones who are hesitant to share it with anyone but themselves….here you can write your hearts out and be relieved……….

So, Beware !! people …i am here …back yet again to pour out all the gibberish that i think or feel and also the rubbish which i don’t even think or feel ;)……

Strange? i told ya………