Indian English Writing Today

The bestsellers are from authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Ravi Subramaniam , Amish Tripathi etc…I have rad books from all the three. At least I have tried to (I just could not complete reading Chanakya’s Chant. It was unsufferable). While Amish is certainly an imaginative writer and gripping too, I found the other two as actually substandard writers. They may have good ideas. I will not trivialize their idea of the book but the way of writing in Ashwin Sanghi’s Chanakya’s Chant and Ravi Subramaniam’s If God was a Banker have really trivial writing style. There is no coherence in where the characters are – location and time wise and in the way they speak their sentences. 

I am delighted to see that Indian Publishing is seeing such light interesting reads and is reinventing the market for Indian English Writers. However, I hate to see the mediocre quality of the work. There definitely should be an emergence and even if not selling million copies Indian audiences should have a book which captures their imagination and is of a good quality at the same time.


If God was a Banker – Ravi Subramaniam

This is a book by Subramaniam and although it is fiction, I have a huge feeling that the book is based on his personal life and rivalry with one of his peers and those around them. It obviously shows by the setting. But what is also glaring in the face is the partiality towards one character and it shows that there is emotion there and that makes me think that Swami is Subramaniam himself apart from the apparent South Indian similarity. But that is not the point.

So how is the book? It is ok. It has been rightly said that it carrying on the traditions of Chetan Bhagat’s books. It is a quick read, entertaining, racy, full of masala , an engaging story, happy and light ending and without much depth in the character or storyline development. A very nice read for a train or flight journey.( That reminds me that I forgot to cancel my ticket for tonight. Blerg!!! )

It is a light reading and gives a quick look into the banking culture that has been brought on by the foreign banks and that is very interesting. Another very important point that he has managed to raise is the treatment of women in such culture as sex object. It is very true and sad. I liked it for the pop mix that it was.