I have lost the competitiveness. I have lost the fighting-it-out-and-beating-it-spirit. I have lost the mettle and tenacity. As a result, now i am losing my nerve and my temper….I need it all back ASAP. I need it all at this moment and i want the gone moments too.

I want to go to home 😦

song: zinda hoon main …

mood: the same



I liked Jaan-e-Mann. It has its set of flaws like the one which the editor turned director Shirish Kunder mabe by thinking of the movie as the paltform to display all his editorial skills at one go.He has done it pretty well mostly but seems to have gone overboard at some places. But these are like breezing shortcomings. On the whole, after the film you feel refreshed. It introduces the much desired new element into otherwise KJo-made-implies-pathetic-sob-stories and likes oriented bollywood.

Performances rule all the way. The Anupam Kher bit seems a little unwanted but it finishes off early so its ok. The Akshay’s guffaws are unforgettable and you seem to be laughing with him in his way.I love Akshay. I think he is highly underrated and once in good hands he can scale heights.
Salman is the stylish sweet sexy guy as usual and he carries his part with much aplomb.Love his looks. His stylishness has been exploited to the fullest. One tends to feel sorry for the recent happenings in his personal life not very justifiably though.Preity is pretty and her usual self as would be required by the role.But the maturity she has gained over time reflects here.The plot could have been more elaborate and the transitions between the serious and frivolous scenes a little slower.One thing about the movie is that you tend to notice that there’s something lacking but even then you are fully entertained all the way which normally doesn’t happen with me.

The fresh wave which the movie has brought clearly reflects the bravery of the director to pursue his vision and not get bogged down by the boring traditional bollywood routine.The one thing which i liked personally was the musical feel that the movie had in total.The picturization of the songs and some important dialogues delivered in the musical way caught attention and were actually good. It gave a certain amount of “Chichago” feel.I would really love a movie of the “Chicago” kind to be made here. You can always watch and appreciate the foreign films but something makes you want to have one in your own language.

What I loved most about the movie:
Akshay’s geekiness, Salman’s style, the song “Humko Maloom hai”, the colourfulness of the movie (which is also there in the KJo movies but with a somewhat haunting feel),the musical connection, hatke editing, likeable performances and the freshness which it brings to bollywwod storytelling.

Some flaws as per me:
poorly developed storyline, not all the songs are great, salman’s and preity’s get up in college,anupam kher’s part.

All in all, hate it or love it or be neutral…but don’t miss it. Give the novelty a chance.

I loved it. Got refreshed !!

random rant

The problem with some people is that they are too unaccommodating. There cannot be anything good if it is not according to their perception of good. There cannot be any
geniuses if they are not geniuses according to their definition. I would say, let’s give some space and flexibilty to our thoughts and acknowledge some unconventional people as successful. Not always the one who follows conventions ends up best or is more competent. Exceptions are fairly huge in this case. One must be given due credit for their individual qualities as is given to those blindly following the herd mentality and doing routines that are being done since ages. If something’s twisted, it is not necessarily bad. If someone is not doing well in a field just does not mean that they are not capable. It might plainly mean that they are not interested. It pains me to see so many rigid minded people in an institution like mine which boasts to have collected some of the best brains of the country. Instead of being appreciative and receptive to the new and unique ways of achieving success, I see people being critical of someone’s different dreams and definitions of success. I believe that not everyone has the same scale of measuring qualitative heights. The point is that I would love it if people around me were more appreciative of the individuality and uniqueness rather than thrusting everyone on the same measuring scale and forming opinions. More parameters should be added for the evaluation of success and there should be a lot more of open mindedness which would be beneficial for one and all.


Obscure eh??…….nevamind 🙂

To tip or not to tip is the question?

Exactly  as the title says!.

It is damn confusing every time i go out for a dinner or a lunch with friends. Whether the waiter should be tipped and if yes then how much?  The answer to the first question is yes almost always and second is a debatable topic. In fact, some of my friends believe that since the waiters are being paid by the hotel, they should not be given tips. Then, the question of how much crops up. It has varying answers. Some people say 10% of the bill, some 15%, some 5% and some say and pay according to their moods, whims and/or depending upon the service.

So, this is getting confusing for me everytime. I do not support the not tipping rule and the amount given depends on the company I am with. But one thing that I have is that once I start earning I will be tipping as per the 10% rule. The morality involved is questionable.  After all the people that are working as waiters are not depending on the tips and it is not in some sense our duty to tip them….

I don’t know…am still confused badly….

Good Morning!

It feels blessed to witness a fine morning as of today’s. To see the sun rising while walking on the grass with a cold breeze blowing with the freshness and promise of a new day is heaven on earth. All this while what we take as granted is actually a reservoir of pleasure. I have always been a late riser my entire life. Its not that i have gotten up this early and experienced all this for the first time in my life..but I have done it after a long long time.. I am feeling so good and proud.

What I have noticed recently is that spending a full day in a way that you get satisfaction at the end of it is a tough task and it cannot be done without getting up on time.

Now this is a valuable lesson learnt. I just hope that it is etched in my memory till at least the next morning 🙂

10 commandments!

How difficult it is taking the first step towards your goal and being successful according to your own definition?

1. As difficult as to convince your heart that the way you have chosen is correct.
2. As difficult as to go against what the world has been doing and considers as its idea of success.
3. As difficult as being happy even when the others think that you are the worst loser and you cannot be happy .
4. As difficult as retaining the confidence in yourself when everyone loses it in you.
5. As difficult as the dawning of the fact that appearances are deceptive in every single case.
6. As difficult as the realization that you are nothing but a small worthless entity in this universe and yet the single most important thing in your own life.
7. As difficult as being unperturbed by the failures as well as the successes.
8. As difficult as being the lone follower of your school of thought.
9. As difficult as not accepting pity in the worst of the circumstances.
10. As difficult as imbibimg all this into oneself.

As difficult as being able to write a post which makes even an epsilon of sense :P….i know this one does not…kindly excuse me for that :))


The one thing that constantly irritates me these days is the dramatization of the simplest
and the stupidest of topics by the media and their constant efforts to put words into people’s mouth which in almost all the cases work for them, unless it is Ram Jethmalani or the likes. He has the guts and the authority to blow away the idiocy of the media in their face but not all are like that. I am deeply troubled by the insensitive and biased analysis of the events and the tendency of making a sensation out of each and everything.

Media plays a very crucial role in the lives of the people. Mostly on the basis of the news that we read and see, we form our view of the world and opinion about the things like governance, its policies, opportunities of growth, the market, sports scene et al. And our major source of knowing all this stuff is newspaper and TV. Not many people read books or try to collect information from authentic sources. In fact, very few do. But everyone watches TV and reads newspapers. If we are presented with only one facet and aspect of the scene and that too in the most ridiculous of ways  then we will lose the vision of clarity.

I think that this is the worst phase of journalism in Indian Society. Most of the reporters are simply not good and all they do is some pathetic acting by asking people questions like how they feel standing on their terrace or what do they eat in their lunch and how did they actually make that aaloo ki sabzi or how are they feeling standing in a burning building and talking to a reporter instead of running for their lives. What a concern about feelings!

I beg that we dont need news 24 hours a day if there is no news. Its getting worse and worse minute by minute. If you dont have solid stuff to show, please dont throw any nonsense at us and expect us to grab it. This is really going to the levels of insanity. Some hindi newspapers have stories like “ghar mein saanp ghus aaya” or “bacche ko mummy ne chaata maara”..spare me! English newspapers used to be good and are the saving graces but they have also begun to tread the same path with the Times of India becoming the Trash of India, and The Hindu going towards a major biasing campaign.

This sudden fury is a result of watching a news channel for about 10 minutes.

What the Heck! Internet rules!