On a Whim, some fancies..

Last night I had time and I was feeling a little anxious so I decided to soothe myself and put that pencil on paper after a long long time. I wish I would continue to do so. I love sketching but am so poor at it. Need to sketch more often , maybe even take some lessons.

However, in the meanwhile, here is the product of my industrious 3 hours 😛 🙂

Jim Morrison – The Doors

If I had lived in his time, I would have been a groupie :D. Their music is transcendental and his eyes are so deep and meaningful.

The original picture is at: The Doors

Rabindra Nath Tagore – Poet, Artist, Intellectual

One man who was truly modern in thoughts and ideas in his time. Let’s raise a toast to his progressive thinking!

The original picture is at: Rabindra Babu

Nemo – The Fish

The orange fish :). I had simply loved the movie but more than that I loved the orange colored body of Nemo, The Fish.

The original picture is at: Nemo



SFM – 93.5

So, I had a little fun today. There was a radio show going on and the RJ was asking questions about the upcoming India NewZealand test series. I don’t know why but suddenly I wanted to call and I did. I called the radio station and gave the answers. But, I cheated :P. I gave the answers with cricinfo page open in front of me ..hehhe..I told him though and he was amused to hear that. Anyway, noone else had net access I guess and so I was the only person to give the answers and became the “woman of the match” apparently. It was great fun. I called a radio station for the first time and knew how it was that they recorded the conversation and played later. Nice experience. I have been cheery all day. The RJ who is incidentally, rather incorrectly, called DJ-Daljit Singh. A sweet guy really.
I enjoy the SFM 93.5 channel. They have some good RJ’s and play generally good music.


I played poker today for the first time in my life and did fairly well after first few rounds. It was amazing. Have to say that it is a very addictive game. I can now understand why people go berserk over it and are destroyed.

My first entry into the gambling world. Fortunately it was not with real money but virtual.

Awesome experience. Started playing at 12 midnight and played till 5 am. How cool is that? Did not even know how 5 hours passed.

Strings – Techkriti

Last might we had a performance by “Strings”- The Pakistani Band as wind up of Techkriti 2008 which was awesome ( i mean both the Strings show and Techkriti) . Now, why Techkriti was great is because the budget was too much and there were many wonderful events. Plus there was something for everyone, even the commoners like superpong and small small quizzes which our gang managed to win. There were lectures by Nobel Laureates and other great scientists and industrialists. There were good food stalls and the best part is that I ate free food on all days :). That was what Techkriti was for me but there were a lot more other events which were grander and better.

Now, coming to Strings. They are a great band for sure and they have been pretty popular lately. Night before last we heard them arriving in the campus and thought of having some fun so we grouped on them , which means that we followed their cars and gawked at them as they came out and waited outside their place in an anticipation of meeting them when none of us of our gang had even heard more than one or two songs of theirs. But the fun mood made us sit and sing and crack jokes while waiting for them that night. Alas, they did not come out and we had to go away knowing that we will not meet them.

Last night was the concert. Now being the seniors in college we threatened and coerced the organizing team in letting us sit in the closest quarters and directly in front of the stage. What followed made our day and perhaps even month. As the concert progressed we kept moving closer and finally made an eye contact with “Faisal” who was the lead vocalist. That kept on for a while and we waved at him, cheered when he looked and he looked often. Then, he asked for volunteers for chorus and we went ahead as fast as we could. On the Stage, with Strings, to sing!! HA!! Imagine that! and then we sang and beamed and were very very excited and happy and content. He gave us UNICEF badges. But then, after we came down we caught the eye of another band member, this time the lead guitarist. Mast maal banda tha ( The guy was really hottt!! ). Now, the nain mattakka ensued again, me and my friend kept looking at him and he did too almost constantly. We smiled, we waved , we beamed and we blew kisses and he blushed and smiled and kept looking …hahaha that was awesome. This continued for quite a while and then he came forward to play the guitar and we nearly brought him down and sent kisses his away which made him blush and smile all so much more. Even the band members started laughing. The show ended and so did we think our antics. But no!! There’s more.

Then we went backstage in a hope to catch them and catch we did after a struggle with the security. The eye tussles had introduced us to him for sure coz he smiled and said hi when he saw us. And then he gave us his autographs…wrote Cute so and so….wow!!! And while he was writing we started flirting with him in full flow. The comments were like this “You play awesome guitar” ” write my name please” “you are so sweet” ” ..and so is your smile” ” we love you” “please come back again” ..etc etc and then he went away. But that does not end yet.

We again caught him on the way to his car and there we pounced on him . Now we were friends. He smiled again upon seeing us ( Gosh!! What a smile ) and then we asked “hum foto khinchva le aapke saath? ( can we have a foto with you ) “.  The poor guy blushed again and then said oh so sweetly “yeah sure” . So we clicked pics and then he had to go and then it ended but God!!! We flirted so much today so openly as we never have and totally enjoyed it. The show rocked , the dudes rocked!!! It was a great great evening.

i love poppins!

why? because it is candy first of all. Second because it is so colourful. Third because it is only for Rs. 2/. Yay!! In this day and age if one can get anything for rs 2 this good then they must feel lucky.

I like the surprise element which it contains. The excitement of finding a yellow one after a red one is comparable to treasure hunting. The disappointment of finding pink one after another is greater that missing a movie. The companionship with the mouth is constant. All the colors almost taste the same but still just being a different color makes them much more interesting their own ways. They also serve as signals of friendship. If I give you my favorite color then that means that you are important to me and you should take note. For god’s sake, I am giving you my favorite colored candy. If I give you the one I least like, then well, you know what position you are in in my court ;). And just imagine there are like 10 of those colorful sweet buddies in there , in one packet , waiting to be explored, to be popped out of the wrapper and popped into the mouth…ha!

So, i reassert my undying love for Poppins!!!! I love you Poppins!!!