Disappointing turn of national events

All of a sudden it is like the country has become death’s playground and terrorists are their messengers. I am speaking of the recent bomb blasts, the communal violence in the Orissa, in UP and again in Mumbai. It is disgusting and makes me want to throw up. People have thrown their sanity to dogs and some extreme sadists are feeding on their foolishness to serve their political agendas. All those people who are in anyway involved in the perpetrating of terrorist and communal violence may all burn while they are alive. These are crimes of such heinous order that it can never be forgiven. Killing innocent and unsuspecting people for nothing at all but their inanity. DUMB. Bloody dumb.

And now that stampede at the temple. Fucking animals. What is the rush? Why can’t you wait for your chance. There is too much pushing out of the way here. Imagine, 200 people dead fro nothing but the extreme foolishness of some 10 people who could not control their bloody selves. I just want to scream some sense into these kinds of nonsensical people who are getting nothing but deaths credited to their names. I am sure that when they realize this they will hate it too and stop it but where does one buy and distribute sense? How does one make it happen? How does one stop the arsonists who fire the wrong sentiments of people and make them commit crimes? How does one stop terrorism and communalism in India??? JUST HOW?? Someone please tell me.

The government has never handles it well and never will because handling it well would mean political repercussions and the swines that we have elected to sit in the offices do not have the guts and the spine to display or even think of leadership. Media can play a huge role but in India, good journalism is almost extinct what we have is sensationalist and celebrity journalism. The latter serves nonsense and the former feeds into the flame of hate.

Its disgusting, disparaging and I am disgruntled. It is like a whole bunch of country has become mad and the only instrument they have to express themselves is violence. Only some days ago a CEO of a company was beaten to death by the laid of employees. Fucking assholes. Fucking Mobocracy. That is where we are headed and what they don’t understand is that this system will not serve any purpose other than killing themselves.

Oh, How I long for a strong leader to be at the helm of affairs and not some spineless septu-sexagenarians who can only offer sympathies and visit the sites when the crime has already been done. I need someone who will be there to take action and not fear about political gimmicks.

And the unfortunate thing is that I do not see that happening in the coming 10 years. I am right now hugely disappointed. It is time for a radical change. It is a calling which we should all hear to at once. Otherwise a developed India will be a dream as distant as the sun.


Blasts in Delhi

As I have always said, the terrorists are the ultimate cowards who aim at innocent people without any warning without showing their faces they are fighting and only those bunch of idiots know for what good. They think they will change something by doing this. They think that they will be called martyrs and heroes. Well, I call them here and now: The ultimate cowards and a disgrace on the name of humankind. If it were in my hand, if I could catch them, I would put their family members in a room and plant a bomb there and then ask them how they feel. What goes in their minds then? Is it worth it, whatever they are fighting for? If they could in all honesty say yes, then I would send them to an asylum and if no, then I hope they realize what madness it is. The bomb would off course be diffused after that.

This ranting is of no use. We should be able to do something. We cannot let this country be a playground for terrorists. The only method which comes to my mind is Gandhigiri. As they are leaving their email ids for all the people showing off their false pride, we should send them emails telling how our families got affected and what we feel. We should let them know what the common man thinks. We should ask them what they want? What is their purpose in life? What is it that they want? Let us engage them fruitfully. If they can create a fake id we shall too and we shall email them. I think it is a good idea. I will try it and I urge all of you who read this to try too and ask your friends to do so. May be a force of 1 billion peaceful people will prevail over a handful of haters and terror makers.

How susceptible?

Last week’s headlines have shown to us and all the world that how utterly unprepared we are to stop terrorist attacks from taking place and also the fact that there are people dwelling in this country who would not hesitate to kill hundreds of people for something which we will not even know as they are not daring enough to show their faces and make their demands.

I would say terrorism is the ultimate form of COWARDICE. What possibly could they gain by killing some innocent people who do not even know why they are dying? Is it to make the government hear? I should say its a very bad strategy because government really does not care that much ( not here, not now at least ). The responsibility is traced back to some obscure organization which invariably is further linked to ISI. This has been happening for like 20 years and will keep happening. The question is what is to be done. I for one am clueless. To adopt an equally brutal way of retaliation, will kill more innocent ones whereas being soft is only sending inviting signals to the elements of terror.

It is a severely disappointing situation and I believe that whichever Dog first thought if such ways must be rotting in hell. I am deeply saddened and threatened and most of all exasperated. It needs to stop right now. What can we do? What can be done? Whats the way out? Where is the understanding? Where is the aim?

Lets hope that these questions get answered somehow at the earliest.