New Job

So, let me talk about my new job. I joined it on Monday – 23rd November, 2009. It is in the domain of online advertising and web analytics. The job does not involve much of brain work initially which is great because during that time I can learn other stuff. I am pretty excited about the prospects that are there in front of me. I was just unaware that how technical this field is and I am so glad that I landed here. I never ever wished to be away from the technicalities. I love being technical. I think that this is a field where I can be uber technical and develop skill sets which will be useful in solving some daily life problems and I can aim for some goals to reach which I would like to reach. It is really not the most brainy thing to do, nothing in the corporate world is, as a matter of fact. But, I think that there are much more opportunities here. I can see a shining hope standing there which will let me make something of my life only if I can stay sentimentally stable for a while and work my brain and ass off. I might be able to end up having done something satisfying in my life after all. If not academic, at least corporation-wise. Who knows? Noone. Let us just wait and watch and observe and hope and work!


MIT explained series

What’s a girl to do with a 4 day holiday and long list of things to do?? She will pass her time reading blogs while procrastinating. So, that is what I am doing. Making life very very simple for myself.

I stumbled on to the MIT explained series through some other blog I was reading and isn’t it fascinating! It is very very interesting. Short articles explaining some of the most famous basic concepts. Me just loves it.

Check it here :

20 things I like

Today I read a post from someone where he had mentioned about 51 things that he is happy about. And I thought what a great idea it is. I have been known to have many dislikes. My mom says that I should less often state what I do not like and tell her at least one thing which I like. So, coincidentally, this being a thanksgiving day, it will be nice occasion to write about what I like and be thankful for it. I will do only 20 things because even that number is hard for me to come up with, let alone 50.

So, here is the list. (and a first list of any kind on this blog, i reckon)

I like that:

  1. I have a super nice family. The best set of people that one can get. Mom, Dad and Bro, 2 thumbs up!
  2. I have some really good friends, who can help me when I need them.
  3. I like to read a lot.
  4. I have curly hair, even if i crib about it endlessly.
  5. I laugh out really loud, sometimes even scaring people. But it is a clean, heartfelt laughter.
  6. I can enjoy silly things and find joy in stuff like good food, a beautiful scenery, nice walk, good conversation.
  7. I like all colours.
  8. I am a liberal, almost feminist.
  9. I have enthusiasm and passion to do something of value.
  10. I have a beautiful handwriting.
  11. I can use and understand sarcastic humour.
  12. I am becoming more and more confident in presenting myself to others.
  13. I have a willingness to learn and improve.
  14. I can be kind and non judgmental with people.
  15. I can understand some hi-fi maths and physics.
  16. I can dream.
  17. I am pretty much independent now.
  18. I can learn some stuff pretty quickly.
  19. I never give up.
  20. I know that I can improve and I try to.

Okay, so that came about and its a good list. What say?? I should do more positive lists. Perhaps that will make me more positive and remind me that what are the important things in life.


I intimidate people and I do not know why. I think the reason is that I feel that I have the right to bully a person whom i love and trust, be it family or friends. The people who are closest to me are the ones I am weirdest with . It may not be fair to them but I become so because I think that I can be totally free and be myself with them. I dont know. Probably at times the match up is just not right! Whatever.


Sitting in India, I am having a delicious self made lunch and lying comfortably on my bed with this laptop in hand and typing this post. It is a sunny weather outside and the atmosphere is just so cool and relaxed. And this has been made possible on a Thursday because I have a holiday today. You ask why? Well, because it is Thanksgiving in the US and we have all(those in the outsourcing business) coordinated our calendars with the Americans. Funny isn’t it.

So before this day, when Thanksgiving came to me as a blessing, the only thing which I knew about it was that people eat turkeys on this day. Huge turkeys served at the family dinner table and as the name suggests give thanks. What is the history or the significance or the origin of it all is unknown to me. I made a search and found some stuff on the wiki and Check out :


Apparently, Canada and USA celebrate it on different days.

Well, whatever be it, I am pretty thankful on this thanksgiving for the 2 day holiday that I am going to enjoy.





My dad gets me. Exactly what I feel, he understands. But the trouble is I hate to even think of compromising. And he tells me that life requires compromise.  He tells me that I will have to be patient. I don’t know how will I ever do that!

New Chapter

My corporate life, of 5 months, is seeing the closing of its first chapter. I ended my tenure as a Software developer yesterday and am going to be a Data Analyst from Monday. I am excited and hopeful that this will interest me. That I will be able to enjoy work and thus, my life. Yet, this is not a finality. Already, my mind is asking the question “what next??” That is classic uber restlessness. I have not gone one day on this job and I am asking myself what next.

The truth is, I want to do something big. Something pioneering, if not that at least something which has an impact, something which solves a problem.I might be able to do it. I might not be able to do it but this I know, I will never stop trying to do it.

As of now, at this very moment of writing, Life is Good 🙂