Book Post 1

Finished the book "Atlas Shrugged" by "Ayn Rand" just about a week ago and have started "A Suitable Boy" by "Vikram Seth" :P..well, there  are no implications here so there should be no inferences 🙂  …
Anyway, the first one was quite good and i am finding the other one interesting too. So looking forward to a nice timepass. I was initially scared by the size of ASB but once I started it and was able to cross the first two chapters..things went flowing smoothly. I plan to finish it by the next week which i most probably would or even earlier given that it is the only thing i have in mind once i am out of my workplace.

So far so good,
Rest Later,



Procrastination, or more correctly, a claim to it these days has become a fad. I think so because I find every other person claiming that they are great procrastinators. Just as it happens with every fad, this too has suffered the increase in span and the decrease in quality. I mean there are now more procrastinators than ever, but very few of them live up to the true meaning of the word.

Earlier, calling one such was not only a matter of shame for you but also raised questions about the child rearing abilities of the parents. But despite those severe conditions, there were few brave and bold people who would gladly, rather proudly accept their ability to delay things endlessly until someone else did that work or the poor task ended its life without ever being accomplished. They were the ones who were determined to do nothing. They were the ones whose determination no one could ever question. They, were the fellows who would not trouble their minds or bodies, come what may. They, I say, were the real Procrastinators.

These modern ones, what do they know about the real commitment?? What do they know that this is not a habit that can be formed but comes from within?? What do they know that how easy it is not do anything and watch your own destruction? (In worldly terms off course…for the real heroes, it was more like a conquest) What do they know about that feeling of elation when there talent is talked about? What do they know that how pleasurable it is to just do nothing and feel nothing and be in that absolute vacuum which some non-procrastinators (called physicists) have been trying to achieve abortively??

What do they know about the troubles of maintaining such a high standard??

They never have and they never will know this exalted feeling because theirs is a false claim. They are not procrastinators. They are just wearing the masks. They work for 16 hrs a day and think that they belong to this elite brethren?. Even if they delay a thing by an hour or two , they feel guilt-ridden and they call themselves…huh!!!. They are lying…to themselves, to the world. My heart weeps when I  see the situation that has built up. I hate to see this depletion in the quality and increment in numbers. I would have been more than happy if there had only been a quantative increase but not the qualitative decrease.

All I can do is now, hope and pray that this fad ends soon and the clan of which I am an old and proud member, continues to bask in the glory of delay and nothingness. Hail Procrastination!!! Hail Procrastinators!!!

A boring travelogue….

Am back at home…away from a really really torturous semester. Now these are the three months of respite. I have come prepared with a lot of e-books written in the CD’s and some hard copies also (sounds nerdy eh???….) Well, I plan to read most of them.

 Nothing interesting happened in yesterday’s journey but I enjoyed it somehow. I was traveling alone after a long time. Generally, I travel in group but then this time everyone had different plans. So, I got this opportunity to travel alone and man! it was so cool to have done so after about 8 months. I do not have a direct train for my home so I have to take a break in between at Lko and from there I get the direct traim for my home. I left the hostel at around 6:00 p.m. with all the baggage and some baggage it was!!. 3 bags, 1 suitcase and 1 polybag and one hand bag( phew!!). You must be wondering that was I moving forever that I such load. 3 months are no less than forever if you talk about the luggage. Anyway, when finished with all the packing and moving, I was late enough to miss my train from
kanpur tp lko. So, I had now no other option than catching the bus. Booked a tempo and headed for the bus station. .Just as I reached the bus stand, an AC bus was ready to leave for lko. Now what ? I quickly got into it and took a sigh of relief. It was wonderful. However, I made a little unwise decision choosing to sit with an uncle of quite a well built frame. Adding to that my size also, I seriously don’t know how that seat managed to endure us. Anyway, I was telling you how wonderful it was. Rs. 75/- + 1 Frooti + 1 ruffle’s Lays and 1.5 hrs of sleep. It was good. Reached my destination at 9:00 p.m. Took a rickshaw to carry the load with me to the station. Got to the platform on which my train was supposed to arrive and waited there.
Waiting on a railway paltform– Whatever inconvenience can come to you while traveling alone being a girl, comes mostly from this part. You stand there for a while and most of the men would slightly or abruptly change their orientation to take notice of you for all the time you are standing there. Scrutiny, glances, sympathy, mock, amusement…everything can be read in that one look. Thanks to God that this went on only for half an hour and in that too I took 10 min in buying a book called : “ Sharat Chandra ki kahaniya” .   So, effectively it was only 20 min that I had to endure. The train originates from lko itself, so it was there on the platform about 30 min earlier. I hired a coolie and shifted my luggage. Then went down and brought some food as I was starving. I had taken nothing (except frooti and lays…now that is not too much..or is it??)since lunch which I had at 12:00 noon and it was 10:0 pm now.  As soon as I got back and was about to start eating ,some gentlman came and claimed that my berth was actually his berth. WTF??..i took out and checked my ticket and BANG!! ..i was in the wrong coach.  The coach i was supposed to be in was standing  after 5 coaches in between. With the luggage of all the world with me, it was equal to a death stroke for me. Just then from somewhere a coolie arrived and I asked him to help me shift. He was a good man. Well, now I was in my seat. So I settled there and finished eating. Mine was a middle berth and the upper berth belonged to some old lady. She requested m to exchange th seats and I was more than happy to do so. After a while , I went up and let myself slip into a deep slumber. Originally, I had planned to do some reading but it was probably the tiredness because of packing all day that I was soon asleep. The train (surprisingly!!!) was running perfectly on right time and due to this fact there was noone to receive me at the station when I reached home. How sure and used to we have become of the unpunctuality of the trains that if once in a while it runs according to the schedule, people like me have to face a little trouble. So, after getting down, I called Dad and then waited for him to come and pick me.That ends my travelogue. I am now at home…enjoying and relaxing… 

Soon I will be going for another journey….hopefully something interesting happens then J..Till then, 

Its yours truly ,~ShallowOcean

Another suicide!

This is a second suicide in our college in just 5 months. Last time it was a second year student and this time it was a fourth year student. The rate at which these suicides are happening in the IIT's is really very alarming!! Every now and then you hear such kind of story. 

What can be said about it?? Is it that the system is so bad or is it that the students have decreased their immunity levels for failures? Personally, i don't think that any failure can be so big as to compel you to take your own life. No humiliation holds a place higher that this gift of lord. I think people should gather more courage. I really feel very very sorry for the family of the deceased who will never be able to come out of the shock of this incident, at least not for a couple of years to come. Before committing such an act , one should at least think of their parents and family members. Even if you are the biggest failure of the world, they would want you to live rather than do such a thing. If not for yourself, one must at least think about those souls who have parented you for those 19-20 years….

It is really a very very sad situation. Everyone is grieved and shocked. He slitted his nerve. All I can say is God bless the departed soul and may he rest in peace.  

Nothing New!

I am in an unexpectedly relaxed mood today. Well, just passed the day doing nothing. Today is Mom and Dad's 24th marriage anniversary. Wished them ..could not send a gift due to the exams but will give something on going there.

Suddenly felt like hearing songs from the movie "Saajan" -the one starring Madhuri, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. Discovered that i like english movies and hindi songs a lot!..In my college, loving rock and english songs is a fad. I tried following it too but i must admit that except a few english songs which i really really like most of them are as normal as a hindi song. Rock i tried, but then again barring a choicest few i could not like it. Anyway, i now got to gear up for the last examination of this semester. Then after a day or two, its good bye to this place for three full months. How much i wait for the respite !!!