About the blogger!

Just loafing around! I am mesmerized by life! I love it all the time sometimes in a sweet way and sometime in a bitter manner but it somehow manages to evoke some thoughts in my head and that is what I try to put into words and pour it on this page!

Keep smiling all you people out there. There is nothing and I mean nothing to cry about!!


7 thoughts on “About the blogger!

  1. Today I have gone through some of your thoughts. Some are thoughtful and some are clumsy. However, I wish you writing and writing. A day will come , all would appreciate you.
    Wishing best luck

  2. Hey

    I put in a search for “women in fiction” and came across your site. I realize based on some of your enteries I may be coming from a tangential point of view for you (based on some of your enteries) but there’s diversity in your interests which is always encouraging.

    I notice you review books, though they are all (if I’m not mistaken) things that you get at a book store or through Amazon.

    I’ve gone the self-publishing route because Random House and Amazon just wont let new authors in. So, I wrote a book and need smart people to read it and of course get the word out, if they are so inclined.

    Email or go to my web (or both) and say hello. I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. It inspired me. I would make it a point to keep the spark flaming long after m gone from this world. I would share this spark n ignite the flame of the new generation n da ones yet to come. Chetan bhaiya….m an IITian n also a writer like you. Hope to meet u one day!!

  4. I was looking for this to happen. I got the gift of I pad from my daughter Kamini and I thank her for the beautiful gift. I have learnt to use the Internet and lucky to find this blog and hope to continue and share and receive more views. I read Chetan speech at symbiosis and was impressed. I can co relate one instance of my life. It happened in 1964 I was goingfor the exam at Meerut to join the Army. I wrote one of my friend in army to o help me if he can. He replied with an advice “Be original in the life” which changed my life.

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