Mum and Dad

I have always felt that I am audacious, in the sense that I am not afraid of trying new things or going against the flow. I have also, always, felt good about this (one of the very few things I like about myself :P). I was just sitting and thinking today and I realized why I am such. It is because of my Mom and Dad. It is because they are audacious, forward looking people with a lot of spunk 🙂

That’s where I gained my grain from. Both, my mother and father, have travelled such a marvellous length of journey in their lives together, that it can only be called astonishing. I can write a novella, if not a novel, about it. It warms my heart to be a progeny of such a progressive pair. Indeed, that’s the word I am looking for : “progressive”. Both of them are perfectly so and constantly drive me and my brother to be so too: to be confident, audacious, forward thinking, optimistic and to break all limits.

I come from a very strong platform. I almost feel duty bound to make use of this leverage and jump high and soar. It would be regressive if I did not and therefore, I have to. How? That is to be figured.

In the meanwhile, on this Thanksgiving weekend, I thank my parents for being there for me, for shaping me into who I am and constantly inspiring me to be better.

Love and Regards,

A daughter


happy birthday maa

Today was my mom’s birthday! I wished her on phone. That was all I could do. I so wished to be with her to make her day a pleasure and as fantastic as I could. But all I did was sit here in my room and call her twice. These distances. They suck! Sometimes, I so wish to be living at home all the time. I hope next birthday is a compensation of all missed birthdays.

My mom is a very sweet and gentle caring human being with so much of love in her. She is a great hostess and life of parties. She has got this beautiful smile and such a sense of fashion ( which I could never learn from her). Even amazing are her culinary skills. So organized, so lively, so full of passion and concern. She loves one and all and she is so simple at heart. I love her and I will be lucky if I even get 10% of those qualities. What would our lives have been without her care is unimaginable. She is devoted to the family like anything.

And yet, we end up hurting her sometimes, end up speaking rudely or fighting over small matters. But, how forgiving is she. How large hearted.

I love you mummy. Even if it might not show in my ways and conduct, what I have for you is all respect and love. I am proud to be your daughter and I could not thank God enough for it. You rule our worlds and we acknowledge and applaud each and every of your efforts and loving gesture.

May you live a life filled with love, happiness and care. May the world be the blossoming garden of dreams.