The Great Gatsby

Yesterday, i found a site where they had listed the top 100 novels of all times …ranked by the critics and by the readers. I made up my mind then and there that at least i will read 50 of these 100 books…some( bole to 2-3) i had read but most of them were only heard of and never touched.I started my endeavour yesterday itself and lay my hands upon the book “The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald. This is a story about the love and ambitions of a man and of how his love also becomes a sort of ambition. The story also very well potrays the differences between the West and East America of that time. The best thing about the book was that it was very short compared to the usually long novels. I finished it in 4-5 hrs. This book was ranked 2 and i am glad that i read it (for this reason only).However, to me the ranking did not seem as justified because it was not as good so as to take the second place where top 100 novels of all times are listed. Well anyhow, i have one more name to add to my list. The next one will be the book which library has to offer b’coz i am fed up ofreading on the comp. Yes, i read the previous book on the comp and that is perhaps the reason i finished it so fast because i was fed up sitiing in one place.

More later