Spot ’em

I have figured an easy way out to find people who believe in things, thoughts and other stuff just because it might sound cool, make them feel proud or different or just because everyone else is doing so too. These people can not and will not think things for themselves or reason it out. Fair enough. Not everyone should have to. However, then, they must also not behave as pseudo intellectuals and spout wisdom to others like a fountain. To identify such species and stay away from them as often as possible, I have come up with quite a foolproof solution. Ask them just one question about any of the beliefs they hold – “Why??”

This is how it goes:

Pseudo Intellectual: ‘I believe in blah blah blah’.

You: OK. But ‘WHY?’

Pseudo Intellectual: ‘ Because …. some facts unrelated to blah blah blah. Because some big celebrity (who will often be a film personality) said so and so about blah blah blah. And because I believe in blah blah blah.’

You have clearly spotted the pseud with no rational logic or reasoning for his/her belief and above all – not even the honesty to admit that he has not really thought about it. Congratulations.

Now you can just tune out of the conversations for the evening and meditate about some nice thoughts by yourself with your cool drink with a laugh or two in a while.

Believe me, that way, its much easier to enjoy yourself when out with people of unmatched frequencies. Something to drink along is highly recommended. It soothes the senses and sometimes your rage too.

So spot ’em and stay away in order to enjoy!



becoming that thing

How would you feel if you become ( or at least show that particular despicable quality) which you never wanted to be? Ask me! You will feel terrible and so ashamed and hypocritical beyond bearable limit.

When i was in 1st year, I was pretty much offended and wounded by the reactions shown by one of our seniors towards us when our team had lost the fatta match. I failed then to understand that thy were also like me, only a year or two elder. I thought that they should treat us like kids, with love at all times. To say the least, that thing irked me for quite many years. Today, again I was in the same position as that senior , only now I am like three years older than those kids. In the match, I became extremely competitive and engaged in one or two little arguments. It’s not that big deal and I don’t know if it mattered to them that much but if it did what it had done to me in my first year, I am terribly terribly sorry and ashamed for being that person( not so much being the person as the act ) which I had once despised so much.

The trouble is that now repenting won’t help. I just want to avoid doing that but I don’t know why whenever I play, I am extremely aggressive( I wish that aggression was to be seen in the workspace) . Anyway, so we won the match with me being the star player and all but that thing remains i my heart and eats out of my joy. I just hope those kids did not mind that much and will not despise me as much as I despised my senior whose position now I fully understand.

It would have been so much better if I had not the mind to bother about others but unfortunately, I think a tad too much about that!

Well, whatever.

On a new line of thought, I have issued “shantaram” and hope to finish it in 2 weeks.

On another new line, I am in trouble beyond limit because of my faults and I am not bothered. What am I? Duh!