Its true..

Some wounds never heal…Ever…

Every time they might pain just a little less but they hurt really really lot. I can now experience that. Usually, I am not a person who harbors hate against anything. I am not , to the most part, knowingly and unknowingly, judgmental about people. I can see lots of positives in everyone and admire them for that. But there are a few people, who went to hurt me soo much that I can say, I truly hate them. There is no cover I can put up for my feelings for them. I do hate them with intensity.

It is nonsense that these people sometimes give me a stronger reason to go through one of my plans.




Mum and Dad

I have always felt that I am audacious, in the sense that I am not afraid of trying new things or going against the flow. I have also, always, felt good about this (one of the very few things I like about myself :P). I was just sitting and thinking today and I realized why I am such. It is because of my Mom and Dad. It is because they are audacious, forward looking people with a lot of spunk 🙂

That’s where I gained my grain from. Both, my mother and father, have travelled such a marvellous length of journey in their lives together, that it can only be called astonishing. I can write a novella, if not a novel, about it. It warms my heart to be a progeny of such a progressive pair. Indeed, that’s the word I am looking for : “progressive”. Both of them are perfectly so and constantly drive me and my brother to be so too: to be confident, audacious, forward thinking, optimistic and to break all limits.

I come from a very strong platform. I almost feel duty bound to make use of this leverage and jump high and soar. It would be regressive if I did not and therefore, I have to. How? That is to be figured.

In the meanwhile, on this Thanksgiving weekend, I thank my parents for being there for me, for shaping me into who I am and constantly inspiring me to be better.

Love and Regards,

A daughter

Work and Life

Earlier, work was work and life was away from it. Now, work is life and there is no life where your work is not present.

There are multiple reasons for it.

  1. Most people, now, go to work in cities far away from their families and homes. They do not know anyone there except colleagues from office and college friends who come along with them. In the beginning, that is the whole social spectrum which new working professionals get to experience. This, inevitably, ends in them spending more time at work and assuming that “work = life” is the norm.
  2. A very crucial part of rising up the ladder in corporate hierarchy is, networking. To do that, you have to forge friendships at the place of your work, spend more time needlessly at work and build ‘relations’- so to say. Again, “Work = Life”
  3. In the beginning, when things are new and shiny, there is an excitement to gobble up this new world as quick and as much as possible. So people do not mind slogging, spending long hours in the office working. Fair enough. This becomes problematic when, later on, the excitement is dead. And in giving everything to your work, you have killed your life outside it. In that case, because there is hardly any life left out of work, what follows is : “Work = Life”
  4. In India, I find a particularly disturbing pattern. That, of having NO personal hobbies. In most cases, the best means of killing time which people come up with are : watching crappy bollywood movies, going out for dinner, holding meaningless conversations and just giggling, apart from trying to become Americanized. As there are hardly any personal skill enhancing activities undertaken, people, when they are short of friends, have absolutely nothing to do. And so, they work more and make that their life for the fear of loneliness. Again, “Work = Life”

I feel, we, as a community, can be more constructive with ourselves. There is a need to make people understand that slogging in not living. Quality of life needs to be improved. There should be a concentrated effort towards gaining more depth in your personality, towards growing, towards giving more shine and quality to each day we live.

Let there be sunshine.


2G Scam

Of late, I had almost lost touch with the news, headlines or political shenanigans of the Indian Political Scene. One of the many reasons was over-occupation with work and no cable TV. As much as I love to curl up with a newspaper and tea in the morning, I am hardly able to rouse myself up and get that time. So, in essence, little web snippets on TOI or The Hindu form my source of information.

From these founts of inspiration, I was informed about the magnitude of 2G Scam caused by A Raja. Nearly $ 45 billion was robbed from the coffers of the nation by selling the spectrum at dirt cheap prices to fill the pockets of A Raja and allies. The mere headlines made blood rush to my head so violently that I felt dizzy. Since then, I have not had the courage to go and read in depth about it.

How can they? Do they not have a bit of shame? Where are the morals? Where have the ethics gone?

I find it extremely hard to contemplate that what goes on in the minds of such people – people who sit in positions of power and loot the nation. But over and above that, what terrifies me most, is that this problem, in this particular country, remains unsolvable. The culprits are pardoned and misdeeds hushed up so spectacularly that it is spectacular in itself.

I wonder, how did we ever come to this? How did we arrive at a situation where politics = cronyism, gundaraaj and absolute bullheads on top? What went so wrong? And what can be made right?

It is scary because these are the people who can decide how far and how well I develop as a citizen of this country. I do not want to suffer (as millions do everyday) because someone is characterless and immoral and filled with cow dung in the head. It plainly confounds me.


A writer has to see everything…in that he is unfortunate. That, is his curse. He has to see everything as it is, be it heart wrenching or heart filling. A is A. Others, can choose to not see, can be blinded by the shadows of untruth, accept the incomplete picture, but those who have to write cannot close their eyes , even for a minute!