To remember when things are tough

Recently, I told a friend of mine that sometimes it is not possible to see the future from where we are standing. It rarely ever is a linear extrapolation from our current situation. As I was telling him this, I realized that it was me who needed to understand this the most. I sometimes fear what the future would be. I fear that if the present continues, it would not be for the best. And in telling him, I found this truth for myself. I stopped trying to extrapolate it and create a reality based on today which has as much possibility of not being true as it has of being true. Things change a lot and it happens in just a moment. Does not take very long. One could be going on a completely different path than imagined.

I better not forget this when times are tough because changes are always lurking just around the corner. It is a good probability that we would find a good one on the turn we fear so much.


What confounds most people

Life Crises have now begun to strike early. The first major one now happens when you are in your mid to late twenties. The reason – reason being that most people at that stage find themselves without a set path. They find that there is no one direction to take, no one criteria to fulfill, no one basis on which to call yourself successful. This predicament confounds all. They have been believing all their lives that there is a set answer to a set question and they are ready with it. But when the crisis hits, they realize that the questions have changed. Life is not asking you what you expected it to ask of you. Instead, there are questions which you never even imagined. There are circumstances which are unique to you and would not have answers anywhere except within you. It is most confounding. Some people delude themselves, some numb themselves, some seek answers with gusto, some are flabbergasted and some just give up. The choice is one’s own and unique to our situation. How to go through it, one can only imagine but the thing is that you have to befriend yourself like no other and hate and love yourself most. And then ignore yourself and focus on the world around you and all the things which make every experience worthwhile.