I have nothing to write, perhaps because there is nothing new happening. Well, thats untrue, there’s a lot happening but I want to keep it just to myself and let noone know. And, I am not yet feeling like writing on topics which are random or socially pertinent. Ergo, this hiatus which is going to extend long as far as I can see.



Secrets are heavy!! Way toooooooo heavy!  World would be lot more free and light if we had no secrets. It is strange because secrets are nothing but a way to avoid confrontation because nothing ever remains inside forever. It has either already come out or will eventually, but somehow we tend to accept it by our own. Perhaps because of the fear or the cowardice we have 😦


What is the best thing for a human being to do?

Why are rules bigger than humans?

Why is a fucked up life so hateful?

Why the hell are we so bent upon making others miserable?

Why are some bastards not screwed if the Almighty has the perfect sense of justice ( as we like to believe) ?

Who deserves punishment and who does not is decided by whom?

What in God’s name is the best way to reach the future without living in the present?

Why do we have to hurt?

Why do we have to bear?

Movies..lots of it and other stuff too

If you ask me at this moment that what is the single most shocking thing that has happened to me, my answer would be : my life. It has taken turns once not even imaginable and I am hoping for another equally surprising twist in this tale. It has been adventurous and its tumultuous right now but what is most amazing in a good and bad way at the same time is that I cannot feel it. It has all made me numb ( err, not very comfortably though ).

This I have learned that the only trouble you can ever create for yourself is the love for other people be it family, friends, teachers….anyone. If and when you get free of it you are invincible. Unfortunately, no one can really survive with getting rid of it also. You need it more than anything. Its like a paradox.

Enough of that. Lawrence of Arabia is a looooooooong movie. It’s very well shot and disturbingly lovely. Disturbingly because I felt an unease while seeing it and yet liked it to an extent. It is surely intriguing. Cinematography is absolutely wonderful. All the desert scenes are beautiful. Seems like a tribute to the desert.

And, I have been introduced to Monty Python only few days back and I can say that Life of Brian easily qualifies as one of the best comedy movies ever. The style is hilarious. No wonder they are so famous. I had earlier seen John Cleese in Fawlty Towers and became and instant fan but was never aware that this man had almost created a sort of revolution in the comic world.  All I can do is applause and laugh out loud or ROTFLMAO ( in sms lang).

Spiderman I was good. Speiderman II was BAD. I hate Kirsten Dunst. Don’t know why and Toby McGuire is good only in the spidey costume. Enthu for Spiderman III has gone down heavily.

Peacemaker was a BAD movie. Nicole Kidman was ridiculous and so was the plot. George Clooney looked handsome though. Irritatingly light handling of a serious subject. Seemed like another Sunny Deol flick to me.

Heroes is a catchy show. It grabs your attention and I am following it even after 20 episodes. Peter Petrelli ( Milo Ventimiglia ) is a heart throb and on my desktop 😀 :). Claire is beautiful.

Sometimes its so painful to reveal secrets even to yourself but that’s completely different.

Life will rock! Won’t it?…. I hope so 😐 Whatever is left of it , I will try to make something out of it.