I declare my favorite author!

It is Charles Dickens as of today and I have been able to say that in a really really long time. I could never decide who my favorite author was! But after watching ‘A Christmas Carol’ and recalling the story which I had read as a kid, I am more than sure that its Dickens.

I can still remember the impact ‘A Christmas Carol’ had on me. I was deeply moved then and I am deeply moved now. What a way to create a story. Master of his craft!


What if I were a doormat?

What if I were a doormat ?

People would come at a door and see me first thing. If I am cute, they will smile in their heads and say “cute mat!. I wonder if the girl is cute too.”. If I am rugged and bad they would be a little off and say in their heads again “hmm! I hope the bitch is not that bad”. If I am nice and cozy they would think of a happy family and lots of kids and pray that the kids be behaved enough. If I am thick and normal and undifferentiated and not noticeable..well…they would not notice me and step on me right away. Well, everyone would do that eventually anyhow. They will see me, step on me, rub off the dust of their shoes, their bothers, their sad faces and put on a smile. I will serve them as a friend, philosopher and guide. I will give them a chance and hints of the insiders by being in the shape and size and color and texture that I am in. Sometimes, they will stare hard at me and think of things to say. I help them there too. To say things to others. To go and meet others. To polish themselves before presenting.  As a step to the other side. They’ll stomp on me. Sometimes lightly, sometimes hard, sometimes they’ll just walk. They will cleanse their soles ( souls) on me, make me dirty and walk away. Not once looking at me when their jobs are done. Not once thanking. Not once valuing what I do for them. Not once giving me importance. But there I would stay! To welcome them again and again. To get booted yet again. Sometimes with messages printed on my forehead. I would stay. Even if I wished it or not I would be there! Unappreciated, undervalued, overused, neglected and to absorb dirt. I would take on different shapes and sizes and colors but all I’ll ever get is the dirt and the boot. I will take it all. I will live it all from the moment my life begins as a doormat to the moment it ends as one.

You ask me what if I were to be a doormat? Am I not one already? Yes, I am a doormat right now.