My Manifesto for 2013


There comes a time in everyone’s life when the status quo becomes unbearable. The only option one has is to change – change ways, change thoughts, change directions, change oneself, change outside or change inside. But it is times like these and the changes forced due to the discomfort that pushes one to move forward and become better. 

For me, such times come often, sometime more often than I would like. Perhaps it is because I get bored easily or perhaps because my current ways of being are unhealthy and unsustainable. I am going to be 29 years old in 16 days. I have almost spent 3 decades of my life and yet I have not been able to figure out a way of life which is sustainable, healthy, wholesome, purposeful and satisfying. And I am tired.

I am tired of feeling fatigued, fat, insecure, unmotivated and under confident all the time. If I need to achieve a good life and great things in it, I need to make drastic changes to my life and stick to it. And this year, it is going to happen. There will be disappointments I am sure. I am sure the speed would not be as great as I will like it to be, but this, I know – it is going to happen now or never. 2013 would be the year in which I start to make a turn for the better in all walks of my life. No excuses, no slowing down and no escape. The fact of the matter is that I have spent enough time longing for a life which I know is possible and I can make it happen. All I need to do now is to remove the roadblocks from that happening! 

For that I need to forget what others will say, what mom will say or what he will say. I just need to focus on what my conscience would say if I did not do this right now. I shudder imagining a life which I will end up with continuing with my current ways. Time to turn the corner for good! For that there are some major areas which I need to focus on : 

1. Routine

2. Food 

3. Health

4. Skin/Hair/General Grooming 

5. Professional Development

6. Spiritual Development

7. Fiscal Management

8. Social Development and Networking

9. Focus 

10. Positive Thinking and Happiness 

The items listed are in the order of their importance that I should take care of – Top 4 are all equally important.

So, my manifesto for the year 2013 is as follows:  

  1. I swear to follow a sensible routine to prevent myself from lethargy and fatigue and unnecessary exhaustion. This means :
    • I would get good sleep 
    • I will get up on time
    • Eat on time 
    • Exercise on time 
    • Bathe on time 
    • Watch TV if there is any time
  2. I swear to eat healthy food all the time. I have eaten unhealthy food since I left home at 18. I can surely commit to eating healthy food for less than a year. What goes in dictates what comes out of you in terms of emotions, energy and thoughts. This means:
    • I will not eat junk food except twice a month 
    • I will consume healthy and low calorie food – no white rice, no maida and no desserts except twice a week 
    • I will not eat non veg
    • I will not drink alcohol except once a month 
    • I will not binge/overeat
    • Avoid cold stored food. Prefer fresh made hot food! 
  3. I swear to strive for perfect health at all times. Is it not scary to imagine all those health problems occuring just because one cannot eat right and exercise right?? Is it not horrifying to imagine a situation where you are forced to be less effective physically than you can be just because you did not make right choices? Is it not great to be able to avoid any disabilities and enjoy a long, disease free life functioning to the best of your abilities?? Hell yes!! That is why: 
    • I will exercise a minimum one hour everyday for at least 5 days a week
    • I will do yoga (set asanas) for 30-40 minutes everyday for at least 5 days a week and only one day a week is allowed without exercise or without yoga! 
    • I will keep correct posture while standing and sitting and avoid body harming positions 
    • I will measure weight regularly – everyday or every second day in a journal 
  4. I swear to be well groomed all the time. I have always given minimal importance to grooming but lately I have realized that external grooming is as important as internal grooming. It is our first channel of communication with the outer world and is a reflection of our inner world. Unkempt hair, dirty unpressed clothes, wrong shoes, uncomfortable fitting – all portray a cluttered mind and a careless individual. To succeed – personally and professionally, it is important to convey what you want the world to see, a confident, sorted out, well groomed individual. This means: 
    • I will not wear unclean clothes 
    • I will not keep my hair unkempt
    • I will clean my hair regularly
    • I will maintain daily grooming activities – face washing, moisturizing, oiling, cleaning as necessary
    • I will take care of my teeth and tongue
    • I will be well groomed all the time!! 
  5. I swear to be proactive in developing my career – be it at work or at finding options. Shirking work has never led anyone anywhere. Also, doing good work has always made me happy and satisfied. I will not procrastinate. Karma!! 
    • I will do the office work within deadlines and on time 
    • I will not waste time in office [on internet/by loitering around]
    • I will be respectful towards the work I do
    • I will not be bitter towards my colleagues, be respectful and try to gain important skills and establish good rapport
    • I will be professionally focussed at all times 
  6. I swear to work on my spiritual development. I like to think of myself as a philosophical person and I have thought a lot about some aspects of my life. But, I have never thought about spirituality in such serious terms as I do today. The fact of the matter is that to observe the above 5 rules with any semblance of seriousness, I need to sort out my head and get spiritual about the world and its issues. It would be the drug which would keep me away from negativity and hopelessness.
    • I will chant both the mantras given as prescribed everyday
    • I will think about the important teachings and chew on them till distilled
  7. I swear to take care of my finances. I have been earning for nearly 4 years now and comfortably for about 2. Still, I don’t have any respectable savings to show. It is bad fiscal management. I am clearly running a fiscal deficit right now when I need to borrow money from my brother who actually earns much lesser than me. It is a shame. Any responsible individual would take care of her finances. I aim to become that person.
    • I will fix a monthly savings amount and I will always and forever save that money every month 
    • I will limit my spending on things that I need – no more retail therapies, no more expensive dining out except occasionally, no more petrol wastage and other unnecessary expenditure
    • I will return the money taken from brother
    • I will reduce my liabilities and increase my assets 
    • I will invest wisely 
    • I will give money to Mom and Dad
  8. I swear to enhance my Social Development and Networking skills. No one in this world has risen alone. 
    • I will continue to network, keep in touch with people, help them and also make use of them 
    • Market your own products like blog and curious nation 
  9. I swear to develop a focus for this year. Even it that means the focus is on finding out ways. But there has to be a focus and results orientation. 
  10. I swear to be positive at all times. No-one can beat the person who has spirits. May be life is a fight and you have to continually be in a battle. The only things that ensures you do not lose it are – positive thinking and happiness!  If I have to imagine anything, why not make it positive anyway!  

Cheers to 2013. Start of a new life! 

Cheers to a 29 year old girl who dreams of changing the world, even if by a bit and will do so one day! Amen! 


Fiction – Letter to Love

Dear Love,  

It seems strange to me to be writing to you when we talk almost everyday. There is something about writing which ensures permanence. I don’t trust my person to forever remember all these feelings I have now but I trust the written word to remind me when I may have forgotten what I feel today. I want to make sure that I never miss these moments even if my biology can’t keep up. 

We have been together for nearly 6 months now, slightly lesser. I have known you for about 2 years roughly. I love you. I do. You are the first person I have given my heart to. You are the first person I have shared my thoughts with. You are the first love of mine! And I am glad. I am so glad that you are the first because you are so considerate and kind and gentle. You attend to my peculiarities and hesitations with such gentleness that it makes my heart melt. I feel understood by you. I feel valued.

Sometimes, however, it all feels very unreal. I miss your physical presence. I tried to hold it hard in my head for a long time but the time is taking its toll now. I am beginning to forget what it felt like when you touched me, when you kissed me and when you hugged me. I am forgetting the protectiveness of leaning against your chest, the comfort of resting on your shoulders and the happiness of you walking besides me. It almost feels that the real you and the one I went out with are separating now. It’s been 5 months since you have been away and while my love grows deeper, the actual you is starting to fade and I am scared about it. I am scared of losing that image. I don’t want to. I want to be with you. I don’t want to miss you anymore. 

It is strange that I have this fear because honestly, I am equally afraid of being with you. I fear that it may just be a heavenly dream which might get shattered. I fear imagining the pleasure of the days when we will be together so that I may take the disappointment a bit easily if it does not happen. I fear the end of it all. I am scared of the depths I am going into. I fear becoming emotionless to protect my core in case I don’t end up with you. 

The uncertainty in this period is unnerving. I avoid thinking about it but it will only go for so long. There will come a time when a decision will have to be made. That time promises to come sooner than later. When it does, I can only hope that we both remain strong and deal wisely with whatever hand would be dealt. I hope that in the event of shattered hopes, our spirits remain unbroken. I also hope that we have enough courage and conviction to avoid the unwanted event in the first place. 

Be as it may, I am writing to you today to just let you know that you will be in my thoughts forever – loved, respected and cared about. I always will wish the best of everything for you and pray that you get whatever you wish for in life. I will always love you. I will always feel good about the fact that we met and shared so many exquisite moments. It was the time with you which made me aware of a part of my soul I never knew existed. It made me realize that how uplifting a union of souls can be and for that, I will be always grateful. 

With Best Regards,

Your Love 


Musing on futility of being..

This life is a burden we have been accorded. Why or by who or how are questions which will continue to be asked till the day we die. But one act which we have to perform is to die. How we fill the time between then and now is what occupies most of us. Should it be spent in toil, in joy, in abandon or in industry? Should it matter that whether you are alone or not? I think all our efforts are towards occupying ourselves – sometimes with love, sometimes with work, sometimes with wonder and sometimes with numbness. It’s hard to figure out how to deal with the awaiting emptiness and loneliness. It is to run away from that vacuum like state of futility that we align all our efforts towards. Life is tough, not in the sense of survival of the body but more in terms of the survival of the soul!