Movie Feast

Saw these three movies today:

1. Gilda: Had heard a lot about this one but somehow it did not embark upon its reputation in my eyes. Rita Hayworth looks incredibly beautiful.


2. Being Julia: A very nice, feel good movie. Nice acting!! The best part were the heart felt giggles of the main character, Julia played by Annete Benign. 

being julia

3. The Constant Gradener : Wonderfully astounding!!! A movie of great caliber. Superior direction and the truly justified acting. Had not seen such a movie in many days. The movies of this sort make you want to watch them and never ever forget. A masterpiece. Ralpf Fiennes and Rachel Weisz couldn't have done better and noone else could have suited the role better. Cheerio for the whole movie crew.

constant gardener


The Importance of Being Earnest

Just finished this piece of work by Oscar Wilde…i must say it was an amazing thing to read. I got absolute entertainment from it which was much required at this point of time in my life. Set up in the English countryside and London partly, the story builds up on a lie, its consequences and finally ends up showing that the lie was the truth.

A character pretends all the while that he is Mr. Ernest while he is not and finally what is known that he was actually Mr. Ernest but he was ignorant of it all the while. Hence the title of the story :”The Impotance of Being Earnest” .The word earnest has been made use of beautifully here. There is also a lot of humor in the story and the fact that it is quite a short novel(it took me less than 2 hrs) makes it even more interesting to read.

ending here,


wandering brain

Why does it so happen that at those most crucial moments, when you need your brain the most, it will do all except being there for you?? With me this problem has recently popped up. Earlier i used to have a nice concentration but now…i will think everything else except the subject. Like just now, i have to prepare for my exam and my mind would think all about the embarrasing moments of my life and other garbage. How i wish that i could tame my mind and instruct it to do what is right for the moment.

Hoping that righteousness prevails:




I have often heard people saying that they hate diplomats. Why?? I would like to ask to them?? What is wrong about it?? Is it not good to be able to keep everyone happy and content? Is it not good that you are making the best of the given situation??. Is it always good to be straight forward and hurting people just because you are straight forward and hence you are nice. Why can the diplomatic people not be nice?? I guess many people assume that the diplomats are hypocrites. Well, i think that these two are entirely different traits and cannot be correlated. But again, it comes to a personal opinion. I think that there is nothing wrong with the diplomacy while others might think that diplomacy is a horrible thing…

 More on this later..


~ ShallowOcean 

Melodrama of Life

The "so-called-friendship" is a very wierd thing. One should never get into it. You start expecting things even after knowing the fact that you ought not to. When the expectations are not met..feelings are hurt! and for those of a highly emotional nature..scars are left on the heart for quite a long time to come ,if not for eternity.

This post comes from one such hurt feeling of mine as a result of the nature of friendship described above. Dramatics is a good thing but suits only on stage. In real life, it really can be painful. They said: "life is a drama" and i did not give much thought about it. Now, i endorse this fact as strongly as one could ever had endorsed anything. I am a witness to one such play with real life characters. Hoping not to see such a melodrama again in the near future.

good luck


Few days back i read a blog in which the author shared his disappointment about the lack of path breaking discoveries in the field of mathematics by Indians despite the fact that indians are generally considered to be fairly well in Maths.

One plain and simple reason which i can clearly see is that the brains that are expected to make path breaking discoveries do not pursue mathematics at the level of research( rather after school ). The IITians themselves, how many of them take up mathematics?? A mere 15 out of 400 in one IIT. They too take that because it must have been slightly better than the options available( barring a few exceptions off course and i am one of them is another thing that i am not performing well :P). So, when generally not so interested people pursue it , we forget about discoveries.

To bring more indians in the scene of valuable mathematical research it is important that people be made to pursue mathematics who are genuinely interested in it. I myself see many great mathematical minds being wasted( well not exactly :)) in other departments when they could have immensely contributed to the world of mathematics.

When this situation changes , when people see that pure science is not equal to dust and is equally or may be even more important than the applied sciences ,then will definitely come the day when there are big Indian names in the world mathematics research.

15th April-nothing special

Today was the departmental farewell. Was not good enough. Neither did people turn up for bidding adieu nor did people come to get fared well. Anyway, a strange story came out from one of the retiring professors. In fact, that was the story. Inspite of having served for 35 years in the institute he was not promoted from associate professor to the position of professor. It became quite awkward at that time when he was on stage saying all this but i think that he did a good thing by bringing the things out. At least we came to know that something of the kind has happened. No one knows what is the exact truth. Whether it was some reason and that too a very strong one to have done this to him or was it pure and plain politics ?? Even if it was why against him only??

Well, i am not very curious to know the intricate details but hearing this certainly made me very sad about the fact that whole life of a person can go unrewarded. The thought of it itself is very horrifying. I always thought that hard work ( or for that matter, even work) was rewarded.
Now I know otherwise too.

About the room thingy that i wrote yesterday ,the every-third-hour problem continued to pester me today also. I don't know when will we get rid of it. I did not study a word today and by word i mean a word. Fresh beginnings have to be made.


P.S. : Got a work to do in the summers and am even getting paid for it. Heck!! so what if it just a nominal amount. It will be my earning.