Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of Pilgrimage – Haruki Murakami

The book started with a great promise. A bunch of Japanese teenagers have found their soul mates and they are the happiest they have ever been. But, everything does not continue to remain swell. Differences occur, the group falls apart. One young man, our protagonist, a colorless, dull (you could say in a manner) passionless, Tsukuru Tazaki is expelled from it and leads an almost normal looking but a solitary life after that. 16 years later he sets out to resolve the mystery of his expulsion and finds out what happened.

The buildup was quite good. Even till the end, one keeps looking for the next answer but the book does not end in a resolution. There is much pondering about loneliness. There are some characters here and there, a venture into mystical, supernatural etc…but in the end, it’s all pointless. It is quite a pointless book.

It was okay to read, i wanted to turn pages but not as often. I dont know but I am not as charmed by Murakami’s storytelling as others seem to be. It’s just an OK read.


Guilt and Responsibility

I always keep feeling that I have no control. I flow with the flow of life. And then, I end up feeling like I have no control over my time. When I am not able to do my work, I feel guilty about that and when I am not able to spend some time taking care of my family, I feel guilty about that. It’s a mess. I am already facing the guilt syndrome without having any major responsibilities. I tend to assume that I have more responsibility than I actually do. I want to do everything for everyone. It’s insane. The guilt of not being able to do something spurs me further into not doing anything. All in all. The more responsible I feel, the more dissatisfied I am. And I just presume that I have to assume all responsibility.

It’s a vicious circle. I need to feel less guilty and find more control on my time if I want to do anything worthwhile.

India Needs better Foreign Relations!

I have not done an objective analysis about this but from anecdotal evidences, I have come to conclude that the foreign relations policies are not paying well for India. Our diplomacy is stale and archaic and is not changing with the pace that the changing world relations demand. We are unsure of what our place in the world is and what is our vision for it.

Something needs to be done about that.

New Life

As I descend into the 31st year of my life, I have decided to change my professional track. So, I stopped walking on the career line I was following till now and will make a big jump into the wilderness and land of unknown paths called “Entrepreneurship”. Where will I go from there is unknown but one thing is for sure, I wont be coming back to this track again.

My mom got new knees, its a new phase in her life too.

My brother is going to get an MBA, a new phase in his life too.

Too much happening. All major life altering things in a way. I am sure I will have tons of fun doing it.

Excited. Thrilled. Just a little bit scared. Anxious.