Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of Pilgrimage – Haruki Murakami

The book started with a great promise. A bunch of Japanese teenagers have found their soul mates and they are the happiest they have ever been. But, everything does not continue to remain swell. Differences occur, the group falls apart. One young man, our protagonist, a colorless, dull (you could say in a manner) passionless, Tsukuru Tazaki is expelled from it and leads an almost normal looking but a solitary life after that. 16 years later he sets out to resolve the mystery of his expulsion and finds out what happened.

The buildup was quite good. Even till the end, one keeps looking for the next answer but the book does not end in a resolution. There is much pondering about loneliness. There are some characters here and there, a venture into mystical, supernatural etc…but in the end, it’s all pointless. It is quite a pointless book.

It was okay to read, i wanted to turn pages but not as often. I dont know but I am not as charmed by Murakami’s storytelling as others seem to be. It’s just an OK read.


What I Talk About when I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami

This is a book about that part of Murakami’s life where he runs. He has gained a lot of insight into himself by running for nearly 23 years and taking part in marathons and triathlons and an ultramarathon. It is a memoir of his running life. Is it well written?? Yeah. It is a simple book, easy to read and with a couple of takeaway lines full of life wisdom. It is inspiring in a lot of places. So much so that even a person like me, who is dead against running, was inspired to start to run. 

It is breezy. Murakami does not reveal a lot of himself. I sensed him being restrained all through out the book. Nonetheless, it can be picked up. It took me all of 5 hours to finish, so is a breezy read as well.

A wild Sheep Chase – Haruli Murakami

Aaah! A book review after long and I am afraid the only one for a long time too. Before this I tried to read “A theory of everything- Ken Wilber” fruitlessly. It was a boring book. Yeah!

I had heard a lot about Murakami so I though of giving him a read and got this. As I came to know this is the third book of “The Rat Trilogy”. But book made sense independently too to some extent ( although not making sense is in the post modernist nature of the book). It has fantastical elements sitting amongst realities and all with very ease. Life goes on sometime weirdly sometimes boringly but it goes on. At the heart of it is a man who is a mediocre dreamer, trying to get into the thick of the boredom when he is suddenly thrown into an adventure, and from then on he sets on to the wild sheep chase. He tries to remain as unaffected as possible. Noting hits him hard, he has learnt to forget things and let them go. At the end of the adventure, he is a changed man in these terms and finally he lends his tears for the broken marriage, gone job and the previous meaningless existence. One could easily trace the hard bolied detective fiction and also the post modernist knitting of the tale.

So, it was fascinating to read but just that. It has not been able to register a big impact on me , either in the terms of tale or in the terms of writing. I guess, it could be attributed to my lowly tastes or something like that, but whatever it is, I was not extremely pleased.