What India needs?

Two things should be the most imporant things to look after. It is not that other things are not important but if one has to point out just 2 things that have to be done to solve the problems fast, I would bet my money on the follwing two:

1. Removal of Abject Poverty

2. Ensuring Gainful Employment

Now, the NREG scheme started by the government is a very positive step in the direction of first goal. In the least it will ensure food for two times. But that is not sufficient. There is a hell lot more to be done.

As for the second option, nothing is working. Nothing. People are graduating and not getting a job. That is the worst thing because that breeds all kindof ills. An educated idle mind is more dangerous that uneducated idle minds. So, the whole effort of improving higher education will be wasted if we do not provide employment to te people who are getting graduated.

What is the solution? How can the government empower the people to make themselves useful. The easy and temporary solution is to establish institutes and such to employ. But this is unsustainable and inefficient and costlymethod. Other way is to boost industry and service sector. As of now, only nearly 25% people are working in industry and 16% in industry/manufacturing. These statistics together have to shoot up to at least 60%. If that happens we will have achieved muchof our goal.

I am sure there are many innovative solutions to overcome this, just when and where they will come into play is the question. I hope soon.

Disappointing turn of national events

All of a sudden it is like the country has become death’s playground and terrorists are their messengers. I am speaking of the recent bomb blasts, the communal violence in the Orissa, in UP and again in Mumbai. It is disgusting and makes me want to throw up. People have thrown their sanity to dogs and some extreme sadists are feeding on their foolishness to serve their political agendas. All those people who are in anyway involved in the perpetrating of terrorist and communal violence may all burn while they are alive. These are crimes of such heinous order that it can never be forgiven. Killing innocent and unsuspecting people for nothing at all but their inanity. DUMB. Bloody dumb.

And now that stampede at the temple. Fucking animals. What is the rush? Why can’t you wait for your chance. There is too much pushing out of the way here. Imagine, 200 people dead fro nothing but the extreme foolishness of some 10 people who could not control their bloody selves. I just want to scream some sense into these kinds of nonsensical people who are getting nothing but deaths credited to their names. I am sure that when they realize this they will hate it too and stop it but where does one buy and distribute sense? How does one make it happen? How does one stop the arsonists who fire the wrong sentiments of people and make them commit crimes? How does one stop terrorism and communalism in India??? JUST HOW?? Someone please tell me.

The government has never handles it well and never will because handling it well would mean political repercussions and the swines that we have elected to sit in the offices do not have the guts and the spine to display or even think of leadership. Media can play a huge role but in India, good journalism is almost extinct what we have is sensationalist and celebrity journalism. The latter serves nonsense and the former feeds into the flame of hate.

Its disgusting, disparaging and I am disgruntled. It is like a whole bunch of country has become mad and the only instrument they have to express themselves is violence. Only some days ago a CEO of a company was beaten to death by the laid of employees. Fucking assholes. Fucking Mobocracy. That is where we are headed and what they don’t understand is that this system will not serve any purpose other than killing themselves.

Oh, How I long for a strong leader to be at the helm of affairs and not some spineless septu-sexagenarians who can only offer sympathies and visit the sites when the crime has already been done. I need someone who will be there to take action and not fear about political gimmicks.

And the unfortunate thing is that I do not see that happening in the coming 10 years. I am right now hugely disappointed. It is time for a radical change. It is a calling which we should all hear to at once. Otherwise a developed India will be a dream as distant as the sun.

Ignited Minds – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

This book is written by the once President and a very distinguished scientist of India who has worked relentlessly in space programs of the country along with many others to make India one of the few nations today with a highly developed space program. It is known that the Indian President is just a figurehead with no real powers. But, this man, he used that non existent power and so should every other president of India for what he/she is worth. He used the platform to call and address the youth from this country, to push them towards the goals which will make India a better place, to make them dream dreams which can become a pleasant reality. Ignited minds is all about that. It is about not compromising with anything other than the best. It is about making progress and prosperity a national dream. It is about making oneself committed to the best that we can do to take the country and its people forward by being enterprising, by being hardworking and by being creative. That is what India needs today, leaders with a vision and positive, can do attitude.

Kalam has been the best president in the recent times and I now know why. It is because of his genuine belief in his country and countrymen. In his sincerity towards progress and in his consistent optimism with a never ending enthusiasm to leave this country a better place. I salute him.

As for the book , Ignited Minds is a must have, must read and very well timed book for every Indian, more so youth.

India and lack of leaders!

One day I was thinking about any prominent politician or for that matter a leader of any kind in the present situation in our country and astonishingly so, noone came to my mind. Noone. Manmohan Singh appeared a little too meek. Well, you can’t be really that silent when you are leading a country of 1 billion people and more. Sonia Gandhi I did not consider seriously. She is more of a forced leader than natural. L K Advani is a leader who is utilizing his position of being a veteran. Other than that, he has no substance and is too desperate right now and pushes all the wrong agendas from my point of view. Mayawati is pure vociferousness. Rahul gandhi, I am not sure but yet again he does not seem to be a pillar of strength types, too delicate, sophisticated and soft spoken. Narendra Modi is a villain and a goonda. Prakash Karat is stubborn. Our President is hardly even recognizable. I have never heard her speak or make any statements of consequence.

On the whole, there are like one or two leaders who have qualities to reckon. I believe Somnath Chatterjee is one of them. He has integrity at least. The common thing in all of these are that they are not great orators. None of them. They cannot move a crowd which is at least partly sensible by their words, let alone ideas. I have come to realize that oratorical skills are very important in the making of a good leader. The one who comes closest is Manmohan Singh because when he does speak, he makes sense and provides conviction.

I may be missing and overlooking some totally phenomenal leaders who I don’t know about. If you do , please let me know. I will be glad to know. And just as a sidenote, I think that Sachin Pilot’s political career is one worth following. He is one of the more worthy leaders of our generation.

Lead India – Comments

I generally dislike the dip which Times of India has shown in the quality of its journalism in going from an informative newspaper to the chatpata style. So much so that me and my friends and many more people call it The Trash of India jokingly. BUT and all with capital letters, I am all praise for the “Lead India” initiative which they took and carried with full gusto and aplomb. It was a very thoughtful and very encouraging gesture for the young, educated wannabes of the politics. They might have failed into converting it into a real leadership opportunity but they have very successfully provoked thoughts in the minds of interested men and women and given those people the nudge who were sitting on the borders. All the candidates were good. Not all were equal but each was passionate about what they wanted to do to contribute to India’s development while being successful professionals at the same time. Judges were also good. About Javed Akhtar and Kiran Bedi we all know but I found that the Sr. Editor of TOI Rajiv Singh was also an intelligent and sensible person.

I think that the verdict which was final was correct. Mr. R.K. Mishra has all that it takes to be a politician but the best part is that he is already active and going in the right direction till now at least. I also appreciate the efforts of Sanjiv Kaura and Ranjeet Gadgil who have been very active in social work in these past years.

I felt it was a funny thing that happened when the political leaders from three leading parties were called and asked if they would give these candidates the ticket from their party. And guess what, these people who had been advocating that there should be leadership from youth and all the blah blah unashamedly and I thought even rather un-diplomatically refused straight away saying that they were not going to give someone a ticket unless they benefited their political party and conformed to their ideology and that they would only be considered after ensuring the selfishness of the party. So much for the bullshitting earlier that youth should join, educated professionals should join. When someone does come forward in national interest, it is the bloody party whose interest has to be served before anything else. Case in point of how politics has been reduced to just a game of power and nothing else. The thing that made me laugh was that how hypocritical these leaders were and not a bit unabashed at changing their propositions in one instant. I guess being a politician that is the first thing you learn. They claim that its not easy and that they have worked since their 20’s to achieve this level they are at ( whatever the “level” is ). Well, I think that a candidate’s merit can equal another’s years of labor. Oh yeah, and the three leaders were Amar Singh from BSP, Abhishek Singhvi from Congress and Arun Jaitley from BJP. Also, I felt that the BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad was a great orator and talked to the point with great fluency and intellect.

Lead India as an effort is praiseworthy. It is a fresh change amidst all the nonsense west-copied reality shows. I don’t know if it is copied format or not ( I hope it is not ) but it was a very welcome sign between all the dancing and singing hullabaloo. I know its late and it has ended almost 2-3 months ago but I saw it only recently and could not help but post this.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano has been a topic of much debate since it has been put before the world. It is going to be the cheapest car in the world. No mean feat that is. And kudos to Ratan Tata for pulling that. It is exemplary. But as good as it sounds as an achievement, it has created quite a furore in economic and political circles. There are plenty of issues which are in focus which I am jotting here:

  • Congestion of already congested, narrow roads.
  • Pollution
  • Safety, Accidents
  • Fuel Price and Consumption
  • Market Reception and success
  • How will it help the economy

We already know what condition our roads are in. They are narrow, congested even with the few four wheelers that are there and pot holes abound. In this situation if there is a car with every household what will the condition be we can hardly imagine. To this the arguments are that the deteriorated condition will force the government to take action and better the roads. That’s being fairly optimistic but I think that is possible.

It will enable the lower middle class to be owning a vehicle ( a four wheeler) who might have had a two wheeler till now and in that sense, it reduces the number and chances of accidents ( two wheelers being more risky ). But, there are also questions being raised about the safety in Nano as in if an accident occurs then the riders are prone to getting hurt. About these aspects I think that as the demand increases, the technology will better itself and safety measures and fuel efficiency will improve.

The question of pollution stays and there will be a definite increase in pollution.For this I think we should not blame nano solely but urge the engineers to find a really good way to curb pollution. Fuel prices and consumption will be affected. I am not so sure about the numbers but someone told me that two wheelers saved fuel while a 4 wheeler drank more of it. But we are here reducing the number of two wheelers so that saves some fuel. I am lost on the fuel aspect here. Enlighten me someone, if you will.

As far as I see, there will be a welcome given to Nano since now most of the lower middle class would be able to afford a car and that would mean an improved standard of living, a better status and to some extent increase in confidence.

How it helps the economy? Well, for one more production would mean more jobs, more utilization of materials hence growth. As Tata proposes to issue the parts to be assembled at various assembly centres run as franchises, it would employ many people. So, it increases employment, however slightly. Slight is better than naught after all.

There is the SEZ issue of Nandigram also attached to it. Tata Nano has come forth with many polemical strings attached to it. Only time will tell whether it is for the good or for the worse but this much is clear that it has come at a time and in a way where it will do nothing to curb or prevent environmental degradation but is surely an emblem of hope and signal of the rise of new, innovative corporate India.

I am optimistic about it.