Disappointing turn of national events

All of a sudden it is like the country has become death’s playground and terrorists are their messengers. I am speaking of the recent bomb blasts, the communal violence in the Orissa, in UP and again in Mumbai. It is disgusting and makes me want to throw up. People have thrown their sanity to dogs and some extreme sadists are feeding on their foolishness to serve their political agendas. All those people who are in anyway involved in the perpetrating of terrorist and communal violence may all burn while they are alive. These are crimes of such heinous order that it can never be forgiven. Killing innocent and unsuspecting people for nothing at all but their inanity. DUMB. Bloody dumb.

And now that stampede at the temple. Fucking animals. What is the rush? Why can’t you wait for your chance. There is too much pushing out of the way here. Imagine, 200 people dead fro nothing but the extreme foolishness of some 10 people who could not control their bloody selves. I just want to scream some sense into these kinds of nonsensical people who are getting nothing but deaths credited to their names. I am sure that when they realize this they will hate it too and stop it but where does one buy and distribute sense? How does one make it happen? How does one stop the arsonists who fire the wrong sentiments of people and make them commit crimes? How does one stop terrorism and communalism in India??? JUST HOW?? Someone please tell me.

The government has never handles it well and never will because handling it well would mean political repercussions and the swines that we have elected to sit in the offices do not have the guts and the spine to display or even think of leadership. Media can play a huge role but in India, good journalism is almost extinct what we have is sensationalist and celebrity journalism. The latter serves nonsense and the former feeds into the flame of hate.

Its disgusting, disparaging and I am disgruntled. It is like a whole bunch of country has become mad and the only instrument they have to express themselves is violence. Only some days ago a CEO of a company was beaten to death by the laid of employees. Fucking assholes. Fucking Mobocracy. That is where we are headed and what they don’t understand is that this system will not serve any purpose other than killing themselves.

Oh, How I long for a strong leader to be at the helm of affairs and not some spineless septu-sexagenarians who can only offer sympathies and visit the sites when the crime has already been done. I need someone who will be there to take action and not fear about political gimmicks.

And the unfortunate thing is that I do not see that happening in the coming 10 years. I am right now hugely disappointed. It is time for a radical change. It is a calling which we should all hear to at once. Otherwise a developed India will be a dream as distant as the sun.


The Economist – why the bias against India?

When I did not use to follow The Economist in detail and gave it just a cursory look, I thought that what a great magazine it was and what rational thinking people behind it. BUT, since I started following it more carefully and in depth and detail, with regards to India, I have found a very bigoted attitude shown by the magazine. They seem to be saying that all the economic policy decisions that we make are wrong and imprudent. They said in clear terms that India should not be granted a NSG waiver. They have also criticized India for protecting the interest of its farmers by saying no to the Doha negotiations and then accepting profitable regional agreements at ASEAN. There have been other articles too and all in the same vein. I am not able to figure what the problem is. The surprising thing is that most of the times the articles are not even argued from all ( at least 2) perspectives. Almost in all cases, it is a very skewed and bigoted analysis.

All this in my eyes has greatly reduced the credibility of “The Economist”. I am sure about the inherent bias and single minded view towards India. This leads me to doubt the credibility of other news items concerning other countries too. But then again, when has been media free from prejudice? They are after all the puppets in the hands of large multi national corporations.

Unbiased media is an oxymoron.