I believe in grey! White and Black are too perfect to be in existence. And, in my 22 years of life, I have not found a single White! So I do not believe in it. There are people who are so self absorbed that they cannot think beyond themselves. I can just hope that they realize the purview of grey which encaptures them too. It leaves noone and I think that there is nothing really wrong in being a light grey! You are happy atleast that way.

To Grey!!



I am writing here not because I have time but because its imperative for me to write these thoughts that are running through my mind which are not letting me sleep. It’s all about friends these days. Why? Because they are going to go and I being of the 5 year program will stay back. At this juncture, there is so much to share, so much to say, so much to feel and so much to live. I will feel amputated without these people who may have been taken for granted but now are like a life line. Its also a realization that how lucky I was to find 6 more people who were like me. Now that they are leaving world again seems to be full of strangers which I am scared to face. Where will I go and cry? Where will I laugh aloud? With whom will I fight and share those jokes? Tears already roll out of my eyes as I type each word. It was like a family and sometimes may be more than that.

I have learnt a lot, grown a lot and strenghthened too. One important lesson that was learnt was that : “Value the people who matter to you becuase trying to please everyone is a lost game. It never happens. Commit your loyalty to few. Be nice but give yourself to only those special people and not every other person on earth.”

Sometimes people might be nice , they may do you no harm and perhaps expect things from you but its not necessary that we reciprocate the same emotions and I think that I need to feel comfortable with that thought.  Its worth living if you have earned a few great friends and you are not all that bad if people who know you are tell it to you.

Completely off the topic : Rome was not built in a day!!


Too late in life perhaps to realize that preparation is the key and is irreplaceable. The assurance that it brings can come from no where else.

Some problems are recurrent in nature. They have to crop up again and again.

Saw Volver and could not understand what the fuss was all about. Saw a documentary named “Life of Hitler” based on some original clips and fotos. Informative, yes!  But poorly made. And am sick of Karan Johar singing praises of the good for nothing Bollywood on his equally sad show. The man knows nothing except the drama that he potrays in his movies. Not even about other genres of movies. He somehow manages to call all the crowd pullers and then make an one hour shit fest of it. Even some sensible people like Mallya and De are found discussing about movies which they have perhaps not even seen. The dumbass Kareena and his pup Shahid are the supposed biggies. Why in God’s name are they so famous is as incomprehensible to me as russian.

So that kinda blows out my frustration which is building up fast as the exams approach. More toxins ready to be spewed on this space, but only later.