Whatever happened to Federer?

Ever since the Wimbledon defeat he does not seem to have gotten over it. Imagine, the World no 1, the giant of tennis, gets out in the second round of some tournament and then is unable to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Cincinnati Master’s! What just happened? Has his morale gone so down? Is it purely psychological or are there some physical factors? I read somewhere that he has been affected by a disease called mononucleosis ( which, apparently and interestingly , is also called the ‘kissing disease’). If it is that, I hope he gets well soon and once again begin the stride of his splendor which the world wishes to see more. These are trying times for Federer fans as they are for himself. On the contrary, Nadal his riding his winning horse in full fury and is poised to become the World No 1 which is all very good for him and for his fans including me. But, it is never ever interesting to see a former champ going down this way without even coming back and putting a fight. I just hope that this is a slight trough in Fedex’s career graph and that we will continue to witness the excellence of his tennis in the upcoming Olympics and the US Open.


Wimbledon 2008 – Rafa Wins!!

Dearest Rafael wins the Wimbledon!! ha! haha!
It is off course a dream come true for him but it is the same for me too. I have been rooting for him since the last year. Last year also he stretched Federer till the last set and then itslef it was visible that this young tiger is not going to go down so easily. In fact, he was going to rise up and up that I knew and that is what has happened. He may not have become the number 1 yet but what he has shown is that the day is not far. Federer is no less a player. In fact he is the greater of them but on that conclusive Sunday, it was a battle of nerves and determination and grit which Nadal won undoubtedly and very deservedly. Federer had reached to such heights that a year and half ago it seemed no one would be able to catch up with him but then came the Spaniard with gentle manners off court and contrastingly fierce aggression on court. He pushed the giant of Men’s tennis to push harder than ever and Fedex was finally stretched to limits which Nadal surpassed in the Wimbledon 2008. Now, the No 1 Federer has to reinvigorate his needs and desires. Only reason that I can see which led him to a defeat is the complacency which he somewhere felt in his heart. He took this championship title a little less seriously than Rafa boy.

But what the heck! What is more important is that the battle which ensued for 4 hours and 48 minutes was a pure delight for the lovers of tennis. A match which is seldom seen in the histories of sport. One of the best matches that I will ever see in my life.

In women’s championship, most of the top players performed poorly and got defeated at the hands of unexpected opponents. This cleared the way for the Williams sisters to dominate the turf and that they did. Venus won the final. I have to appreciate the aplomb with which she plays. Serena on the other hand has an understated agreesiveness. I like the sisters. But women’s tennis yet has to see better standards and tough opposition to these two. There is hardly any consistency. Toppers are on the top for a season or two and then they vanish. I am dying to see a Steffi like player emerge and hoping that it would get more challenging and things would heat up. Zheng Jie has stirred up hopes of providing a challenge and I hope that she would.

On the other hand, I discovered some hotties 🙂 like Safin and Djokovic and Andy Roddick and Mario Ancic. What good looks :D. Nice to watch. All in all it was great watching this wimbledon for all it was. Amazing two weeks.