IPL drama!

It is but that. Total drama! I would call Indian Premiere League as the Mac Donald’s of cricket which serves Twenty-20 as the fast food which is spicy, hot and makes your senses rush, gives you instant entertainment. I do not know how much positive impact is it going to have on the cricket as a game but it certainly has done its best to merge the already popular game with celebrities and industrialists pushing in further in the face of media. With all this focus and attention, there are bound to be dramas happening, events to be blown out of proportion and tempers flying. Now, the most accomplished actors or stars in this that have emerged are the Harbhajan Singh of the “symonds-monkey-actually-maa ki” fame and fiery temper who already has one hit episode in his kitty with the australian tour. Following closely is the Sreesanth pretty known for his antics on field, of his affinity in picking up fights and dramatic abilities. What happens when in short match of 40 overs these two meet as the captains of opposing team? One loses and is fingered by the winner. Mumbai loses and Punjab emerges the winner. Result? Harbhajan Singh slaps Sreesanth? You are shocked? You say that winning and losing happens in almost every match and yet slapping has never happened before? Well, you are right and at the same time let me welcome you to the new age of ungentlemanly cricket where temper control is a thing of the past. Sreesanth cried like a baby on yesterday’s front page of newspaper and today both Bhajji and Sree were splashed all smiling and hugging. Histrionics of the third class totally in play. They have taken the level of twenty20 to a new low.

In any sport, what a player first learns is the sportsmanship ie to win and lose with grace. Neither to jump when happy nor to break down when low, to treat the opposition with respect while being competitive at the same time. That is the true spirit of any game. But i guess, in today’s world there is no place for things like values and spirits in any field, let alone sports where testerones are flowing high and much is at stake.

Whatever, one may say, this episode has earned a bad name for IPL. Harbhajan totally deserved the ban. It should not have gone unpunished. These both players should learn to behave much more maturely and control their on field temperaments. Rest, well I hope that some good comes out of IPL in the coming future,


Lead India – Comments

I generally dislike the dip which Times of India has shown in the quality of its journalism in going from an informative newspaper to the chatpata style. So much so that me and my friends and many more people call it The Trash of India jokingly. BUT and all with capital letters, I am all praise for the “Lead India” initiative which they took and carried with full gusto and aplomb. It was a very thoughtful and very encouraging gesture for the young, educated wannabes of the politics. They might have failed into converting it into a real leadership opportunity but they have very successfully provoked thoughts in the minds of interested men and women and given those people the nudge who were sitting on the borders. All the candidates were good. Not all were equal but each was passionate about what they wanted to do to contribute to India’s development while being successful professionals at the same time. Judges were also good. About Javed Akhtar and Kiran Bedi we all know but I found that the Sr. Editor of TOI Rajiv Singh was also an intelligent and sensible person.

I think that the verdict which was final was correct. Mr. R.K. Mishra has all that it takes to be a politician but the best part is that he is already active and going in the right direction till now at least. I also appreciate the efforts of Sanjiv Kaura and Ranjeet Gadgil who have been very active in social work in these past years.

I felt it was a funny thing that happened when the political leaders from three leading parties were called and asked if they would give these candidates the ticket from their party. And guess what, these people who had been advocating that there should be leadership from youth and all the blah blah unashamedly and I thought even rather un-diplomatically refused straight away saying that they were not going to give someone a ticket unless they benefited their political party and conformed to their ideology and that they would only be considered after ensuring the selfishness of the party. So much for the bullshitting earlier that youth should join, educated professionals should join. When someone does come forward in national interest, it is the bloody party whose interest has to be served before anything else. Case in point of how politics has been reduced to just a game of power and nothing else. The thing that made me laugh was that how hypocritical these leaders were and not a bit unabashed at changing their propositions in one instant. I guess being a politician that is the first thing you learn. They claim that its not easy and that they have worked since their 20’s to achieve this level they are at ( whatever the “level” is ). Well, I think that a candidate’s merit can equal another’s years of labor. Oh yeah, and the three leaders were Amar Singh from BSP, Abhishek Singhvi from Congress and Arun Jaitley from BJP. Also, I felt that the BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad was a great orator and talked to the point with great fluency and intellect.

Lead India as an effort is praiseworthy. It is a fresh change amidst all the nonsense west-copied reality shows. I don’t know if it is copied format or not ( I hope it is not ) but it was a very welcome sign between all the dancing and singing hullabaloo. I know its late and it has ended almost 2-3 months ago but I saw it only recently and could not help but post this.

The Doors – Why I like them

The Doors was an American Rock band formed in 1965. Its members were Jim Morrison (vocalist and frontman), Ray Manzarek (Keyboardist), John Drensmore (drummer), Robby Krieger (Guitarist). They were a controversial band due to Jim’s antics on stage and permanent hight state during stage shows especially. But thats the facade. In the 60’s, drugs was a very mainstream thing more so for the rock arena where alternative rock was taking its footing with psychedelic qualities. The Doors were one of the best among the lot. Now, there are many reasons for this.

  • One, the lyrics. They were cryptic, confused, seemed senseless yet to some they made infinite sense. It was poetry.
  • Two, the vocals were new and fantastic and invigorating and drowsing at the same time. Jim used to sing with complete abandon and that is what made these songs seems so honest and involved. There are stories that in the later days he recorded only when he was high. That shows in some songs too. But, the point is that his voice is smooth, unrestricted and easily flows through the ears to the brains. Even the screaming etc seems appropriate at all places to me when I am not a big fan of screaming vocalists.
  • Three, music. The music is extraordinary. Just as the lyrics are, to complement them, their tunes and melodies are different and touching is a weird way. I like the fact that there is a lot of instrumental in their songs where you just hear the music. It unwinds something in you. And it is not very heavy most of the times.
  • Weirdness, of it all. Lyrics as well as music. Sometimes it edges on the extreme and that rubs off on me the right way.

I am not a great expert in music. It was just a superficial analysis of the band which I like so much. May be in coming times, I will be able to sort the reasons more clearly. As of now, this does the job. My favorite songs of the band are

  • Riders on the Storm ( love the sound of the rain falling in the background…makes me feel like I am standing in the rain )
  • Live ( for unique lyrics and the calmness of the song, its pace, its expanse )
  • Break on Through to the other side
  • Hello, I love you ( just love the line ..hello, I love you, tell me you name… 😀  )
  • Don’t ask why ( little Beatle-ish, that’s why love it )
  • The end ( amazing music and specially the tempo that starts softly, builds up high and then again becomes extremely soft)

Its absolute treat to listen to them and I am wondering that if it so great to hear them on a record, how great it would have been to hear them performing live. And I also feel that less credit is given to the other band members. They are absolutely fantastic and the sort of the music that they provide is unparalleled.

Just love them!!

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – Review

I saw the first scene and I was hooked. I decided that I am going to stay with this movie because the first scene and its dialogues tell you that that it is going to be interesting. Plus, it was Jason Statham there ( of the transporter fame ). So, I sat on and the movie began and it ended and I was left wowed. Boy, was that a good movie? It was a great movie. The situations were amazing. The  puzzle created at the beginning fit in very nicely at the end. And, at some places it was just hilarious. Although, there was a lot of violence and that was the only thing that seemed a bit crude to me. Other than that, the screen writing , the camera work (very noticeable), the dialogues, all were superb and fantastic. The concept as well as execution was very well done and of course, I am not the only one to say so. This movie has been praised critically and by audiences alike and rightly so. When I first heard of it, I delayed watching it for quite a long time because I thought it would be some another gangster movie and I was not very much in the mood of violence those days. Then, I finally decided to watch it yesterday and boy, I was pleasantly surprised.

The only bad thing that came out of it was me knowing that Priyadarshan’s “Phir Hera Pheri” is a remake of this movie to the extent that the dialogues are directly translated from the english into Hindi and that even the scene and the settings are very similar. And, I realized this as I was watching the movie because the visuals were so similar as was the plotline . I just hate it. Why does Bollywood have to make copies all the time? Inspiration is good but copying??? Thats just bullshitting your audience. And well if you are going to make an absolute copy, at least mention that. And to think of it that in Bollywood award functions, these people are so proud on winning or receiving a nomination and expect junta to give them the whole credit. Seriously, there is some huge low class business going on there. All thieves. is creativity in such short supply? It makes me sad.


We say that there is no ideality in this world and there could not be even if we wanted! Why is that so?

Today I was discussing with my friend about this. She said that ideally a teacher should be approachable and that he/she should contact and care for the students. I agreed and added that at the same time the student should be dedicated to learning and have the desire to know and must spend time on studying which would make him/her an ideal student. She said that how some teachers were there who cared a lot for the students and how there were those who were really sadistic. I then concluded that the same was true of students too. How there were students who were so much devoted to their studies and some who hardly cared. Such went our discussion and in the end I said that ideality is not possible in a real world. I said that we wish things to be ideal yet they cannot be because in a real practical world everyone cannot be ideal.

But as I said this, at the same time I realized, is that not the reason? The thinking itself that such and such is not possible? Because at the beginning itself if we think that certain thing is impossible to achieve then one will never achieve it. When I am already thinking that I cannot be an ideal student, can I be? When I am already expecting others to be non-ideal, why would they be? I think that has a lot to do with shoddy state of things around in this country at least. No one even wonders about improving things. We all have easily accepted the fact that there are going to be bad things ( which is good in a way that one is going to be prepared for a worst case thing) but that means that we are not looking at the brighter side and not trying to improve things.

Well, so my point is that we should expect ideality so that ideal becomes possible. But, then again I read an article today which proved that every living being is different and responds to the same situation in a different way. This was proved by placing colonies of identical E. Coli Bacteria under test.(clones-this is the way by which they reproduce. One bacterai divides into two identical ones…same genes etc ). Then how can everyone be ideal. Right? Yeah!

So I am now not so sure about the thing I said earlier about expecting and hence achieving the state of idealism. But, I believe that even if we dont find it possible we should not just sit back. We must strive towards perfection.

That’s all. I know it is a confused and fuzzy post but that is what I was about the topic.

something !

I always have been a believer in the instantaneous but now I realize that things come slowly. They build a lot of history behind them before coming to you and no one realizes these things before they are supposed to. Seems like destiny talk? Well, yeah! Funnily enough, of late I have come to believe quite a lot in the destiny factor and I am thinking that perhaps I have finally decoded the work of my choice as according to my destiny. Everything seems to fall in place except a few things but then some things have to be out of place else where is the fun in life? I am also thinking that when you know what you are made to do, you just know. Your heart fills with pleasure. Your mind and body and everything point it to you. The path I am choosing now is very very difficult. Very difficult. But I am passionate and I think that I will be able to carry my passion along and overcome the obstacles. Moreover, history seems to say that I am an occasional shiner that a regular one and that occasion has now come. Starting May 1, it is going to be new life of toil, labour but determination and certainty. I hope that I am making the right choice. In any case, I am ready for the risk. Here I Come U..C.